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A Future of 5D BIM: How to seamlessly connect from 3D BIM to 5D BIM

Jakarta - PT Pembangunan Perumahan (PT PP) in collaboration with Glodon Indonesia held an Online Construction Seminar with the theme "A Future of 5D BIM", Monday (05/18/2020). The seminar was attended by approximately 100 participants from PTPP.

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Supported by Glodon Indonesia by bringing in speakers who have been experienced in their fields, especially related to the implementation of the 5D BIM concept by using Cubicost software for more than 5 years, Mr. Reza Pradiyan, who has provided assistance to dozens of construction projects in Indonesia.

The HCM SVP from PTPP, Mrs. Ni Made Sasanti gave the opening speech at the online seminar, she gave a briefing on how in the future, digital construction technology such as 5D BIM will become a new normal for the national construction industry, so continue to learn about the latest technology in the world construction is a necessity, and can be done starting from attending seminars, workshops and training provided.

In his presentation, Mr. Reza Pradiyan gave a number of presentations on the 5D BIM technology which included Cubicost TRB, which discussed estimation of the quantity of cleaning, Cubicost TAS, which discussed the estimation of architectural-structure quantity and Cubicost TIO, which emphasizes on the seamless connection from the 3D design drawings of the Autodesk Revit-based BIM. In the presentation, he gave an overview of how future quantity estimation activities could be much more effective and efficient with the implementation of the 5D BIM.


The online seminar is part of PTPP and Glodon Indonesia's efforts to continue to be able to provide capacity building to colleagues, in order to stay up-to-date with the most up-to-date information on how BIM is developing, especially 5D BIM Cubicost.

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