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A Total take-off into the world of digital construction transformation with 30% more productivity

What if you could fuse complex data and measurements to create vibrant 3D projections of your next building?

Now, imagine leveraging technology to increase productivity by over 30%, eliminating all traces of human error, and spending fewer hours to complete daily tasks, such as take-off.

The team of contractors at Total, an Indonesian construction company, were able to achieve just that (and more) within just a few months by making one small change in their process.

Keep reading to discover the catalyst in their digital transformation journey.

Our team at Cubicost had the pleasure of speaking with Andreas, who manages a team of 30 contractors at Total to find out how they achieved a spike in productivity within a short time frame.

A few years ago, the team at Total spent hours upon hours copying and pasting measurements into Excel files. Completing tasks manually was not only tedious, but it was also time consuming and meant having to spend hours at the office late into the night. Using Excel to complete repetitive tasks also meant a higher risk of human error. The team desperately needed a way to boost accuracy, reduce work time, while also being able to submit more tenders. This is when Andreas decided it was time to turn to modern technology. He wanted to find the right tool which would empower his entire team to approach daily tasks in a smarter and more efficient way.

“That’s when I heard about Cubicost from a contact,” Andreas remembered.

“First, I tried to understand how to use the program by watching YouTube videos and then giving lessons to my team members.” Andreas wanted his colleagues to understand the formula behind calculations produced by the software and also be able to interpret the output shared by the program.

As part of the onboarding process, Glodon sent a trainer to teach the team how to navigate the software platform and educate staff members on how to use the features in order to simplify their day.

Thanks to Andreas, the team came to these training classes prepared with questions for the trainer. This helped ensure a smooth transition while implementing the new software company-wide.

“Once my team started using Glodon’s product, they didn’t want to go back to Excel!” Andreas exclaimed enthusiastically.

Over the course of one year, Andreas’s team used Cubicost in over 10 projects with 14 key users and began seeing immediate improvements in their overall process.

Their enterprise level transformation change after implementing Cubicost included a 30% increase in productivity as well as an increase in accuracy.

Cubicost enabled the team to seamlessly collaborate on large projects and even complete tasks when key staff members were out on holiday or sick leave.

Andreas claims that the 3D visualisation feature has been a major plus point while using the software.

“3D modeling allows my team to spot errors and avoid mistakes. It is much easier to visualise objects in 3D as opposed to replying off of measurements from Excel.”

One final benefit from implementing Cubicost is that the team doesn’t spend late nights at work and can instead go spend more time with their family. “A team that enjoys work-life balance is happier when they come in to work, which in turn creates a positive social environment everyday.”

Based on all the positive results the team has experienced while using Cubicost, they have turned into product evangelists who believe in the direction of the digital construction platform and plan to not only renew their subscription, but also to invest more in Cubicost.


Is your team ready to embark on a digital construction journey?

Cubicost helps companies just like yours to:

  • Convert drawings into 3D take-off models which generate element specific quantities instantly
  • Save countless hours with material appropriate measurements
  • Improve your work efficiency by up to 70%

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