Get 50% more efficient with Digital Take-Off Solution: A story of PT Brantas Abipraya and Cubicost

PT Brantas Abipraya is one of Indonesia stare owned General Contractor with decades of experience in building the nation infrastructures and buildings with portfolio of bridges, roads, harbour, airports and high-rise buildings. For their digital take-off solution, they choose Cubicost by Glodon, and here’s why:

Lowongan Kerja PT Brantas AbiprayaThe Challenge

They were facing several issues while utilising a manual calculation method, especially while conducting rebar and beam that more often than not have a difference at the span length, not to mention being prone to miscalculations, especially while using CAD files. To solve these issues, they seek to increase their efficiency and also reduce the human error induced mistakes.

The Journey

PT Brantas Abipraya requires a system that enables them to produce a model efficiently and to detect quality assurance of the calculations in an earlier phase. This is an aspiration that inline with the vision and mission to be a trusted contractor company that provides continuous high-quality buildings with professionalism. To make every project successful, PT Brantas Abipraya adopt the Cubicost Take-off Solutions as a back up of their manual calculations to improve their efficiency.

 Cubicost was chosen because the smaller saved file size which contribute to operating time of operation.

The Transformation

Being a user for 2 years, PT Bratas Abipraya with her 8 persons QS team has been able to increase their cost efficiency by 50% and fasten their tendering process by 1.5 times. With a proper drawing, the Cubicost take-off result will be 99.9% correct with only 0.5 kg difference from 2 million kg of calculation. This increasing efficiency has proven itself to be very useful for PT Brantas Abipraya especially when it comes to performing in tight time-table at a tender process.


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