How Gammon Saves 70% Time & Boosts Productivity 3X with Cubicost

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Gammon Construction has a reputation for delivering high quality, innovative projects across China and Southeast Asia.

Initially, quantity surveyors used traditional methods for drawings and measurements. As a result, stakeholders were seeking a user-friendly platform to amp up speed and prevent costly errors.

The Journey

To maintain their competitive industry edge, they chose to reinvent their takeoff process. Today, this thriving company is pushing boundaries to achieve the next level of BIM innovation and enhance their offering to clients. Keep reading to find out how their digital transformation journey ended with a “Wow!”


Cubicost interviewed Jason Chan, a Quantity Surveyor at Gammon, to understand the obstacles his team faced before implementing Cubicost, compared to their results after using the platform.

Jason recalled the tendering and costing process before his team found CubiCost:

“Initially, we were using traditional methods. Completing drawings and measurements manually was inefficient, so we were ready to implement a more effective method.”

Apart from optimising processes, the team wanted a way to resolve minor human errors because mistakes could impact company cash flow in the long run.  

The transformation started when their house builder, Sino, set a requirement for contractors to adapt and take their innovation to the next level. Hence, if Gammon wanted to continue bidding for Sino, they needed to use Glodon’s digital construction tools - this was a tipping point in their digital journey.

Gammon has always been quite ambitious

Their team realised the need to collaborate with a digital solution to take operations to a higher level. This is when they came across CubiCost. Jason was an early adopter of the platform and then grew into the inhouse innovator, encouraging his team members to learn how to use the software.“We wanted to create a more accurate tendering process, to improve cost control, and to build a 3D,4D, 5D even 10D BIM model. The company also wanted to reduce labour cost by 40% before 2025. Personally, I wanted to be able to consolidate data and automatically generate reports.”

Cubicost_–_unlock_your_BIM_potential“At first I thought CubiCost was a very good software, it was quick for quantities and measuring. It also gave us accurate applications for reports and cost planning.”

After comparing different software in the market, the team finally chose CubiCost.

“We decided on CubiCost for two reasons. First it met our contract requirements. Secondly, we chose it for the easy to use rebar capabilities.”

The Glodon team in Hong Kong provided Gammon’s quantity surveyors with a personalised experience to help everyone understand how to use the platform for practical, everyday purposes.

“They have always been really supportive in guiding us through setting up and implementing projects. Especially Gino, Wendy, and Bruce. I really appreciate their help.”

Apart from having a responsive customer success team, CubiCost has also enabled the team to dramatically improve their working procedures and save time.

“Everything is much quicker with CubiCost. What used to take me 3-4 months, now gets done in 20 days with the software.”

Jason can also take on more tasks with the help of the software.

“Earlier, I could only focus on 1 project at a time. But with CubiCost, I can juggle multiple projects at the same time. For example, now I’m taking on 3 projects.”

In addition, CubiCost has solved the problem of human errors. With the transition from manual calculations to automated calculations, accuracy has improved.

The platform makes sure that numbers are always right, so we don’t have to negotiate with the consultant anymore - it’s easier for everyone to have an agreement.”

Going forward, the team at Gammon plans to invest more into digital construction to help them reduce costs. To sum up their experience with CubiCost, the team appreciates that the company targets global but acts local.

“CubiCost has had a really positive impact on our team, and we’ve seen great results. With the platform, it’s a different story, it’s a different world. To sum up the experience… Wow!”


Ready to experience one powerful platform to accelerate your digital construction journey?

With our software, you can:

  • Boost profit by completing quantity take-off faster
  • Enhance project quality by eliminating human error
  • Save time by easily checking and modifying quantities


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