Institut Teknologi Indonesia (ITI) and the implementation of Digital Construction in their curricullum

Implementing Building Information Modelling (BIM) towards the educational institutions will be the path to prepare the future generations for the Digital Construction

Institut Teknologi Indonesia (ITI) is an Engineering University located in Tangerang, Indonesia established by BJ Habibie, this institute aimed to be technology-based university that will be able to provide the country with competent engineers from local engineering-dedicated institute.

To be able to provide the best education to their students, its necessary for ITI to keep up with technological advancement within AEC Industry and by 2017 they decided to adopt a BIM system into their curriculum. The BIM system that was chosen is Cubicost TRB, TAS and TME which encompass rebar, architecture-structure and mechanical-electrical respectively, the consideration of these programs adoption is that QS is a traditionally time-consuming task especially when done in manual way and implementation of take-off solution software will enable the students of ITI a talent in doing QS project exercises in much more efficient way that manual way.


Mr Prof. DR. Ir. Krishna Mochtar, MSCE is one among the lecturers who learned the implementation of BIM in ITI, and he concludes that adoption of Cubicost system has enable a better controlling system that also enable a better collaboration among project stakeholders, he also sees that in the future system like this will be a great tool for Quantity Surveyor task in Projects, both as in planning and construction phases alike which will bring a boost in efficiency and effectiveness of the future AEC industry.

ITI has been one of the foremost in implementing the BIM system into their curriculum in hopes to prepare their graduates to have an edge in the future construction world, and their implementation of take-off solution software is among the first step to prepare the nation for the digitalized future – and from here, it looks that its going to be a bright future ahead for the #DigitalConstructionHero

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