3 Times Faster with BIM Take-off solution: How Jaya Kusuma Sarana Evolute From Their Old Methods

As one of the early adapter of Cubicost in Indonesia, PT Jaya Kusuma Sarana has trusted the Glodon take-off solution for tendering process for years.


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PT Jaya Kusuma Sarana is one of Indonesian contractor company that specialized in architecture and structural works. Known for their high dedication and how they prioritize the quality of their works, PT Jaya Kusuma Sarana is well-known for their exquisite projects. Digital Solution Take-Off has been one of Jaya Kusuma Sarana hallmark to improve their performance.

PT Jaya Kusuma Sarana facing several issues while utilizing a manual calculation method, for years they have to deal with rough estimations problems like double volume that often occurred at the tender process. Solving this issue will enable PT Jaya Kusuma Sarana to compare their result with QS consultant prior to tendering process, which they previously unable to do with confidence.

PT Jaya Kusuma Sarana needs to address the problem with their take-off calculation and find a solution that will enable them to calculate fast and accurate. This will enable them to achieve the company vision of being one of the prominent national contractors through their mission of delivering to their clients a project that delivers the finest quality, cost and time.

Introduced to Cubicost since 2012, PT Jaya Kusuma Sarana choose to use Cubicost because after deliberation, they decided that Cubicost can provide the take-off solution that conduct a quick estimation at tendering process. Their QS team has been extensively using the Cubicost TAS solution since 2015 and find out that the solution able to speed up the tender process by 3 times faster, and also increasing the confidence of PT Jaya Kusuma Sarana to cross-check with QS consultants due to Cubicost accuracy that able to prevent issues that common in manual estimation, such as rough estimation that often ended up with double volume. Needless to say, Cubicost has been the answer that PT Jaya Kusuma Sarana been looking for as a take-off solution.


PT Jaya Kusuma Sarana also participated in Cubicost’s prototyping user group for our next generation of take-off software, in particularly for TAS, which is ready for the 2019 launch. They shared valuable insights to our teams throughout the beta-testing exercise.


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