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MagiCAD for Revit - Improve Your Modelling Work

A successful joint collaboration with Bimage Consulting was held last 27 April 2018 at the German Centre, International Business Park, Singapore. The event presented how to bring in the enhanced BIM technology for efficient and productive MEP work projects.

Glodon Singapore continued to share the advantages of BIM with MagiCAD for Revit to the various MEP disciplines. The advanced and developed features of MagiCAD for Revit helps to enable an effective utilisation of BIM. Leveraging in the adoption of BIM technology, it helps to create a competitive advantage in the industry with a guaranteed efficient delivery of coordinated workflows.

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Glodon Singapore MagiCAD

The featured speakers were Mr. Mehmood Zeb, a Senior Consultant of Bimage and Mr. Edgar Chan, MagiCAD Technical Sales Engineer of Glodon Singapore. They discussed the improvements entailed in the high level of reliability in the BIM process. They explained how to maximize the use of integrated software with augmented support for various work specifications. There were over thirty attendees during the event, most of them were BIM professionals and CAD Drafter.


 The event demonstrated how the revolutionary BIM tools can change and enhance the time spent on the drawing workflows and emphasized BIM implementation overcomes the hurdles in the project coordination. The powerful MEP design of MagiCAD for Revit greatly benefits the various MEP disciplines. The key values that significantly improve Revit modelling work are its product databases, routing tools, integrated calculations, and common tools.

Based on the survey results of this event, the most beneficial MagiCAD modules for their works are Ventilation, Sprinkler, and Piping. Also, the attendees agreed that MagiCAD will help them to improve their modelling speed. The event had a positive outcome of almost 90% satisfaction rate. 

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