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Malaysia BIM Contest 2018 - the reviews

BimGuru Asia - 27 July 2018

5 times BIGGER and 10 times BETT

ER than the "BIM Design Marathon (?)" held early this year by the Statutory body + Academician.



HaRrez Ismail‎ - 26 July 2018

Registration of "Malaysia BIM Contest" is officially closed!!

Surprisingly the take up is 5 times BIGGER than the earlier "BIM Marathon competition", with the numbers of registered participants:

1. University Category : 26 teams (107 pax)
2. Industry category : 39 teams (78 pax)
TOTAL : 185 pax !!!

Currently, Pre-Q is on going to ensure the participants is really FIT for the REAL BIM competition (No More converting the 2D CAD to 3D kinda thingy..!)
Those who fail this first round, will be disqualified - only the fittest will get to the Live Contest in August 2018....

The winner will perform their winning Products during the International Conference in September 2018!
all will be transparent..
judges is selected without any relations to the participants, either the Industry Category or Univ Catagory (to avoid bias on the results)

The winner will be the REAL winner while, the "BIM" will be the REAL BIM

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