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What Does Malaysia's PM Think of Glodon's Digital Construction vision?

Tun Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad, Malaysia's newly elected PM, visited the Cities 4.0 conference on 27 August 2018. Although his visit was brief, he was able to visit all the exhibitors including the Glodon Malaysia booth, where the team had the opportunity to share how Glodon & Cubicost are leading the way in the field of Digital Construction. 


Smart cities are emerging rapidly and they introduce new practices and services which have a high impact on policy, planning, development, and operations. It is time to understand the smart city’s impact on the urban planning, to recognise urban planning offerings in the smart city context, and to harmonise the reliance of global players in the smart city ecosystem to develop, implement, and sustain an integrated set of solutions.

The City 4.0 event provided opportunities for interactions with government officials to promote Glodon's enterprise solutions for BIM & urban planning. In addition, it allowed Glodon to showcase themselves as an innovative, industry-leading platform in the digital construction field. 

During the Demonstration for Dr. Mahathir, Branch GM Victor Lee introduced Glodon's vision, mission, and goal, along with a brief history of the company and its journey with the Malaysia branch. After a quick introduction about the costing software Cubicost & MEP design 


solution MagiCadDr. Mahathir showed interest in Glodon's ambition. The company aims to become the integrated platform of choice for urban development in “CIM”. Dr. Mahathir was also pleased to hear that many local construction companies have already digitally transformed with the service from Glodon Malaysia & Cubicost.

The PM completed the session by signing his name on the Cubicost #DigitalConstructionHero banner, in support of Glodon's vision to enable every construction project to succeed and transform the industry.

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