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Microsoft, Huawei and Glodon jointly issued the hybrid cloud solution for AEC Industry

In order to meet the hybrid computation requirement under different scenarios in the process of digital transformation of projects and enterprises, Microsoft, Huawei & Glodon have joined force to create a hybrid digital construction solution.



Hybrid cloud solution for AEC Industry

During the recent 2018 AEC Summit in Xi'an, China, Enquan Cai - Vice President of Microsoft Greater China & vice President of business of Microsoft China, Xiaohua Zhang - Vice President of Huawei IT intelligent computing product line, and Robert Yuan - President of Glodon, jointly issued the integrated hybrid cloud solution that provide hardware infrastructure, cloud platform and industry application for the AEC Industry. 

Hybrid cloud solution enables the digital transformation of the construction sector. According to Mr Cai, the increasing data volume and the increasingly rich application scenarios have resulted in more and higher requirements on the capability, shape and deployment mode of the construction cloud.


Partnership of Huawei, Microsoft & Glodon

Huawei will provide a whole new generation of FusionServer V5 based on Intel ® xeon ® extensible processor, and CloudEngine, a low latency, nondestructive exchange.

Microsoft will provide an Azure Stack hybrid cloud platform that is consistent with the public cloud architecture, which include Virtual Machines, Cloud Storage, Networking, Cluster Management & the App Market.

Glodon will focus on the AEC Industry, providing industrial applications and solutions such as smart construction sites, BIM, digital enterprises,  integrated construction management and BIM+PM integration solution. 


As an integrated hybrid cloud solution that released for the first time in domestic Chinese construction market, “the hybrid cloud solution for AEC Industry" incorporates the advantages of both private and public cloud, and the machine can be installed by simply pressing a button, the back-end service is complete and reliable. This solution is of great significance to AEC Industry.

On the one hand, it can meet the needs for local computing and data supervision on the project site and within enterprises. 

On the other hand, hybrid cloud platform keeps same architecture with public cloud platform, enables the cloud application and data to be smoothly migrated between public and private cloud on-demand, and gives full play to the advantages of public cloud in data sharing and multi-party collaboration.

Cubicost is part of the Glodon family and we look forward to benefit from this strategic partnership between Huawei, Microsoft & Glodon. 



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