Obayashi Constructs Confidence with Cubicost

Obayashi is a Japanese construction company with strong presence in Singapore. In 2013, their team realised that human errors where costing them millions; with virtually no way to check for accuracy, their processes was unsustainable. Obayashi chose CubiCost as their solution to maximise efficiency and propel accuracy. Keep reading to find out how digital construction helped them attain a new level of confidence


Key Stats

20% less labour headcount

67% increase in confidence about calculations

54% more time for higher value tasks

72% less time checking measurements



On 12 July 2018, Glodon’s International Marketing Manager, KC Chan visited Singapore Obayashi office and spoke with Lance, Senior Contract Manager, as well as Stacey and Michell, members of the Glodon Singapore team, as they shared their experiences before using CubiCost as well as the results of their dramatic digital transformation journey.



Lance began by sharing the conventional method his team used prior to implementing CubiCost.

“Our days were spent on Excel and making sense of 2D PDF tools. We saw a lot of mistakes being made as a result of human error. But there were no way and time for us to check the accuracy of measurements.”

This process of working was far from ideal, as it led to greater challenges in the long run for the company.

“Besides the entire conventional processes was very painful, mistake could cost the company in millions.”



The ultimate goal for the team was to minimise errors as the variances in estimates could affect the quality of tender and have potential legal implications on claims. Hence, stakes were high and there was pressure to improve the accuracy of tendering prices. But to achieve their goal, they needed to find the right solution.



“I first heard about CubiCost way before I joined Obayashi,” Lance remembered.

“Then, our Managing Director visited Malaysia and was quite impressed on how the CubiCost software could accomplish in terms of 3D modeling.”

By the time the Managing Director returned to Singapore he asked Lance to find out more about CubiCost, which is how the journey started.

“After a few product demonstrations, we thought CubiCost really suited our needs better than the other options in the market as it can not only provide us a 3D model but gives us more accurate calculation with its built-in SMM2 rule.”

Stacy grinned at Lance’s comment and showed us a thumbs up, in agreement.

“The customer success team and presentation team made the difference. Justin and Rita from CubiCost showed us demo and they answered our ask questions on the spot too.”

The team was most impressed by the concept of digitalisation with the 3D modeling feature that weighed a lot in terms of evaluation.

“There was a very steep learning curve initially. It took us time to master how to use the software. I remember we had in-house training, where CubiCost sent trainers to our office.”

Despite the effort to implement the software, the team looks back and agrees it was all worth it.




“Now, checking calculations is so much easier! We can clearly visualise the projects, by just looking at the models.”

Lance and the management team trust the software to take care of the calculations, to which they spend less time on checking and have more time for other tasks.

“Our overall confidence level gone up; The software gives us insights so we don’t have to check measurements in Excel spreadsheets anymore."

The software has changed their internal work processes. After importation of the plan drawings, the software helps them to create the model, and with the built-in local standard of measurement for the quantity takeoff and calculation their team can easily check errors.

“CubiCost helps our team to work better together, we know right from the tender stage what the project will look like, and this helps with long term planning.”

The number of people who work on each project has also changed.

“Before CubiCost, we had a lot more people working the same project. Ten people were involved. The number has reduced now to only 5-7 people a10-20% less people.”

With the software fully implemented, expectations and responsibilities also evolved.

“Since the software takes care of calculations, measurements, and time consuming works, it saved my time to do other more high value tasks. For example, instead of checking for measurements, I have the chance to negotiate prices with the sub-contractor. With a more competitive cost, we’re likely to win the tender and get the project. In general, we are able to complete tenders faster, and submit more tenders.”

Because on the influx of projects, the time allotted for tendering is getting shorter and shorter. As a result, teams are forced to work faster and can’t afford to make mistakes to remain competitive.

“Applying BIM technology using a digital construction tool like CubiCost, is a must to survive in the industry today.”

The team now has the ability to look more into details and important parts of tendering, the steps that were often overlooked prior to using CubiCost.

“Being more detail-oriented in our tenders has become part of our competitive advantage.”

To sum up their experience with CubiCost, the team at Obayashi agrees that “CubiCost has helped us save time. We are more confident in our calculations. There are fewer mistakes and we’ve seen accuracy improve. Also, being able to see 3D models has made a big difference.”

Obayashi also expressed that the service received from the CubiCost team is very good and that they are able to collaborate better.

“With CubiCost, there is no going back to conventional method. We’re very optimistic about the BIM technology future now.”

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  • Enhance project quality by eliminating human error
  • Save time by easily checking and modifying quantities
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