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PT PP Completes Take-Off 2X Faster with Cubicost


PT PP has created architectural monuments across Indonesia for over 60 years. They are pioneers in the green development space, but this isn’t the only area they have paved the path in; PT PP has also stayed ahead of their competition by embracing digital construction technology. When their business needed a solution to automate calculations and eliminate human error, PT PP chose Cubicost. Since then, they have achieved outstanding results, including the ability to complete take-off 2X faster.


We sat down with Mr Faried Novianto, QS for Mechanical Electrical, and Mrs Ismaillah Nur Elliza as QS for Structure , who shared their challenges before implementing Cubicost, their experience onboarding the platform, and how their business has transformed within the last year.

The team at PT PP initially struggled to correctly determine calculation costs of projects and would waste time manually re-calculating project costs. With constant alterations in structural drawings as well as architectural drawings, the team was expected to keep pace with project changes by quickly and accurately re-calculating take-off costs.

PT PP had ambitious targets but would need to make a fundamental improvement in their process to achieve their goals. That is when they decided to adopt a powerful digital construction tool, Cubicost.

To ensure a seamless transition, the PT PP team received onboarding sessions from Glodon’s certified trainers. They were equipped with the knowledge to navigate the software platform so they could begin automating their take-off calculations.

After one year, the team at PT PP was able to successfully complete their building take-off projects 2X faster with Cubicost! Now they only need one month to complete a building take-off project, compared to spending two months prior to implementing the software. One key feature which has had a positive impact on the team is the ability to quickly generate accurate reports and visually notice any discrepancies in the structural and architectural images using the 3D modeling feature.


We’re here to help you save time, improve accuracy, and simplify your take-off calculations.

Did you know? Cubicost is a digital transformation tool used by hundreds of construction companies, just like yours to:

  • Convert drawings into 3D take-off models which generate element specific quantities instantly
  • Save countless hours with material appropriate measurements
  • Improve work efficiency by up to 70%

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