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TAS 2018 Beta - July Update

As the closed Beta for TAS 2018 progresses in the UK, the July update brings a few upgrades, some you can see and some under the bonnet. Let's take a look at what you'll get in the July download...


1) Quantity Calculations are 3x faster 


Refining how calculations are dealt with vastly increases the calc time. Other software functions like import & saving are 30% faster. 

2) Better Menus


Items like select and draw are persistent across different tabs, along with more functions present increases speed without confusion. 


3) Quick Find!


Right-click any element, press Quick Find to select all entities on the floor. (Like batch select)


4 ) Finishes Upgrade

  • Added waterproof elements
  • Room Refresh feature: Regenerate rooms easily once details are changed
  • More advances room layout options
  • Advance finish schedule importing capturing things like ceiling heights


5) Auto-Identify Menu



2D identification tools are no longer in a separate menu on the left, they now live within the relevant items. So the auto-identify columns, head to the column section, and you'll see it in the menu above. 


6) Attribute Editor

The attribute editor is much easier to read, subsections are clearer and can be hidden.  

That's all for now. You can download a full update list here. If you haven't already please  download the software below if you're an approved beta user (if you have the software already, you are).


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