Digital Future with Cubicost Live Broadcast Review

The first online event of Digital Future with Cubicost series was held on 9th of the April for the purpose of offering some solutions to the cost estimators in the chaos under the coronavirus situation. Now, all governments and relevant departments have been deploying the epidemic prevention and control. Various governments have issued policies to lockdown the cities or ask people work from home. We hope that the industry will get some insights after this live stream. This live broadcast attracted over visitors from over 20 countries and regions, including building works (42%), civil engineering (29%), governments, associations and education (13%) and others.


1. How to carefully protect yourself and your family during the COVID-19?

Dr. Shu, Medical PhD from Peking University and Healthcare KOL with 2.6m Fans, gives his sharing on how to protect yourself and your family during the pandemic.

At the moment, the most common source of infection is the symptomatic patients with COVID-19. The main transmit of the coronavirus is via the respiratory droplet, so closely contacting with people carrying the virus might causes the greater probability of infection. Also, asymptomatic infections can also be the source of infection. That means identifying the infection source can be tricky for all of us. So it’s more crucial to take preventive measures.

There are some basic rules to prevent the coronavirus. Keeping social distancing, wearing the mask all the time when going out and washing hands frequently are very fundamental and crucial. Besides, do regular ventilation and disinfection if conditions permit. To have a balanced meal and rest well is also a way to improve immunity scientifically.

2. Challenges and Opportunities Facing Global Construction Industry under the Influence of COVID-19

Jack Zhang, Managing Director of Glodon International Product BU, takes time to analyse the threats and opportunities facing the global construction industry and explains what Glodon can help the industry get through this hard time.

There’s a large decline in global economy due to the pandemic, however threats can be turned into opportunities with digital transformation. Digitalization is the future of an enterprise. Especially, it is hard to visit clients and recover production under the certain condition, which lead to the significant decline on revenue performance. On the contrary, enterprises have the opportunity to improve corporate ability of long-distance collaborative work and online marketing as well as business development, and recognize the value of digital transformation and information technology among all employees.

Cubicost, the digital cost management solution based on BIM and AI, can help clients work remotely and collaborate on different projects. Cubicost, including TAS, TRB and TBQ, enables you to improve corporate ability of long-distance collaborative work efficiently and effiectively.

3. Cubicost, your digital mate!

Calvin Lee, Glodon Service Management Director and the digital pioneer of the industry, shares Glodon’s value-added and updated service.

Glodon conducted a questionnaire survey among different countries about the needs under COVID-19. Online training, online seminar and online technical support are the top 3 requirements from the customer. Therefore, we upgrade our service system to support the needs. What’s more, our online training course platform and certificate system allow our clients to reactivate themselves and grow stronger anytime and anywhere. Becoming a competitive new generation of BIMQS can be fulfilled with our software and service.

Our hearts go out to anyone who's been impacted by the virus, either directly or indirectly. Our utmost priority at this moment is definitely the safety and well-being of people – our families, our employees, ourselves and our partners and customers. We hope that everyone out there in the world can be safe and meanwhile work efficiently from home with our sharing today. And we will continue supporting you without disruption in such challenging period.



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