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Glodon Empowered Thai Construction Industry – Product Exhibition is Successfully Held in Bangkok

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2-16525152454163512Cubicost BIM Based Products Exhibition Event 2020 was successfully held on 4 March in Bangkok Thailand, which is the 6th station of Cubicost global product launch journey (follows Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and UK). Over 300 construction industry stakeholders from top developers, consultants and contractors.3-1

Global Digital Construction And BIM Development Trend

Ms. Jiraporn, CEO of Twoplus, delivered her pioneering view on global digital construction and BIM development trend. She raised the barriers of global AEC industry development and slow productivity increasing trends could not meet the greatly increasing demand. In terms of the solution, she suggested digital transformation will be the most suitable way to change construction industries’ circumstances in order to boost productivity. She also suggested BIM, which is a fundamental technology of digital construction, should now be promoted in a greater extent.4-44455557

Digitalization of Thai Construction Industry And

The Challenge For Cost Engineer

Mr. Chatchai, Senior Vice President of Twoplus, shared his experience about the digitalization of Thai construction industry and the challenge cost engineer will face. He pinpointed how BIM impacts on Quantity Surveyors’ practices and specific requirements to cost engineer in the future.5-557

Cubicost Series Allows Efficiency Increase and Fit To BIM Trend

Then, Mr.Chatchai takes time to introduce his suggestion – Cubicost series, which is a tailor-made platform for cost engineer for not only increasing measurement efficiency but also allowing cost engineer to embrace BIM trend. With Cubicost, cost engineer now could easily measure concrete, formwork, building service and even reinforcement bar that is believed as the most complicated task for cost engineer. The speech receives the most applause because it was showing a real solution to change the current status of Thai cost engineers and upgrade their competence.

Glodon Make Every Project Successful

Finally, as a special guest, the general manager of Glodon Group, Near YIP, who is professional in quantity surveying digitalization, shares Glodon’s global blueprint and the technology Glodon will bring change Thailand and the whole world. It aims to make every project success in the global area.

This event is the 1st BIM QS/Cost Engineering Event in Thailand which does really impress Thai cost engineer. The event originally targets 200 participants but it is overbooked in 3 days. Then, another hotel has been re-booked with a larger room, however, the registration is still quickly full in 10 days before event date.

It is believed that all participants are quite satisfied and even shocked in this event (questionnaire data) and Glodon& Twoplus will bring a revolution to Thai construction industry with the help of Cubicost.


There is over 300+ participants join this event including developers & government (17%), consultant & contractor (73%) and also some academic guest. It also attracts some participants from other industry such as real estate, material supply, agency etc. because they think we are bringing something impressive to shock Thailand’s construction industry.

The senior managing level such as CEO, president or director takes round 28% of total participants. Also, there are many Industry professional like senior engineer or consultant (30%) and construction leader like project manager, senior department manager (23%) to join us. The rest is some front-line staff such as cost engineer, assistant civil engineer etc.7

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