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Arcadis and Glodon meet to accelerate Arcadis’ Digital Transformation in Cost & Commercial Management

Beijing, China – the communication about how Glodon could support Arcadis in global area and complete the digital transformation on quantity takeoff, tender system and the collaboration to explore and China and international market will improve Arcadis’ digital capacity, internal cost management process and client experience.


2-165242339353335678Arcadis is the leading Cost and Commercial Management  consultant with a global footprint  operating in over 70 + countries.  Arcadis Asia has over 80 years of cost management expertise and has  been leading the  the cost management industry. As  digital  technology  re-shapes the construction industry, Arcadis has been focused on the digitalization of the cost and commercial management services to align with their Arcadis Vision 2030. To accelerate the digitalization progress, Arcadis visited Glodon’s senior management board in its headquarter in Beijing, China to explore how they can collaborate to lead the digital agenda.

Glodon, as one of the Top 5 Digital Construction companies in the world, is known as the professional digital cost management solution provider in Asia, which provides the digital solutions to cover the whole-life construction life cycle.


3-3333340Glodon believes the adoption of new technology will be the fastest way to improve the cost management efficiency & effectiveness and data is going to be the most valuable asset of consultants to create its completive advantages. What Glodon is doing is making this process easy and make every project successful” said by Mr. James Liu, the senior vice president of Glodon. It is quite similar with Arcadis’ vision on digitalization and “Arcadis is keen to establish their eco-system partners  like Glodon who share the same goal to be the best,” said by Andrew Beard, Arcadis Global Cost & Commercial Management Solution Lead. . Arcadis has worked with Glodon for over 10 years on digitalizing the quantity takeoff method and this meeting is expected to bring both parties in a more comprehensive collaboration on cost & commercial management.

Through communication, the pain points of Arcadis on pre-contract and post-contract stage has been well identified. Both parties agree that the combination between Arcadis’ professional experience & knowledge in cost management and the powerful digital construction capacity of Glodon will provide a better solution for whole cost management industry and client outcomes. The collaboration is considered to cover the not only on digital quantity takeoff but also on tender system and cost estimation solution, with plans to establish within  Asia first and then potentially be extended to global markets where applicable.



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