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RICS China Summit 2020 with Glodon

On July 30th, Glodon attended the World Building Environment Forum (WBEF) China Summit 2020 as a global partner in Shanghai.

The summit attracted nearly 500 professionals from the real estate and construction industries. RICS Live Broadcast platform and Phoenix are also broadcast the event live show. More than 700 thousand people have chance to learn from nearly 40 professional speakers online to share their insights on city construction and urban sustainable development, as well as witnessed the award ceremony of the annual RICS China Award. James Liu (SVP of Glodon), Zhang Liang (Regional Director of Glodon) and other 10 professionals has attended this event.

This year, COVID-19 has brought the impact to the global society and economy, making policy makers pay more attention to the concept and practice of "City Resilience". In this context, "Resilient City Construction" will be the theme of WBEF China Summit to conforms to the global trend. At the summit, 40 well-known experts in this industry shared their insights and successful experiences, including policy makers, city managers, urban operators, investors, real estate developers, real estate operators and builders. They gave speeches about professional knowledge, skills and resources to promote the development of resilient cities and enhance their ability to resist risks.


Pierpaolo Franco, the Managing Director of RICS Greater China said,“at present, global innovation and digital transformation are subverting the industry development and the urban operation management in various ways, including Smart City, 5G, Internet of Things and Real Estate Technology. All these methods provide us with greater development space and opportunities. As a leading professional organization in the world, RICS has been committed to introducing international standards and best practices of urban planning, construction and operation management into world, to jointly create resilient, green and sustainable cities by promoting exchanges and cooperation among various stakeholders. "


Zeng Limin, the President of Digital City Research Institute of Glodon Company Limited has given a speech on the RICS World Building Environment Forum China Summit themed with the Digital Park Spatial Infrastructure based on CIM Platform. In this session, Professor Zeng shared the idea of Innovation Management Mode of Park with Digital Twin Technology. Furthermore, the Thoughts on Construction of Digital Twin Park and How CIM Platform Supports the Construction of Digital Twin Park are also lead other professionals to in-depth thinking. This speech resonated with many experts in the construction industry.


Around the lifecycle of urban architecture and municipal infrastructure, Glodon provides the idea with “digital twins” cities as the carrier and the CIM space-time integrated cloud platform as support to provide integrated solutions and operational services for projects such as urban construction and park development from planning to construction and maintenance. Data barriers among planning, construction and management are broken through changing the problems of management disconnection at different stages in the traditional mode to meet city management requirements for planning and construction, accumulate city data assets and feed back to guide the planning and construction to build a scientifically planned, efficiently built and perfectly operated smart city, such as Planning, Construction and Management Integration Platform of Fuzhou Binhai New City and Smart City of Qingdao CBD.

In the evening, RICS China Award 2020 opened to celebrate the most inspiring innovation and development achievements in China's construction environment field. As a prestigious international award in the global real estate and construction industry award, it is to recognize the achievements of professionals in the industry and their positive impact on the industry and even the whole society. James Liu and other VIP guests had joined in a toast.


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