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"Digital Building, Intelligent Future" ——11th Digital Building Annual Summit

On the 27th of August 2020, the 11th Digital Building Annual Summit was organized by Glodon Company Limited, aiming to build a high-level communication platform for management departments, business elites, experts and academics with the context of globalization. We’ve been to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Qingdao and all across the China. Under the current situation, we had the feast online this year and shared our insights under the topic of ‘Digital Building, Intelligent Future’, which will cover the contents including the trends of the global construction industry, digital talent system and innovative technology practices. We hope that the industry will get some insights after this live stream to enhance the talent building and digital transformation of the construction industry. This live broadcast attracted over visitors from over 20 countries and regions, including consultant (31%), contractor (31%), developer (6%), government (5%), education (14%) and others.



1. The Practical Way to Digital Construction Enterprise

Dr. Robert Yuan, President of Glodon Company Limited, explains an inspiring statement that it is not technology but strategy that drives digital transformation. Therefore, digital leadership is essential. From 2015, Glodon has been working on the digital building, a development strategy of construction industry which combines the digital technologies with project management methods. Dr. Robert shares some practical ways of integration of design & construction, process management, collaboration management. He ends the speech with some project cases.

2. Construction Innovation - Global Observations and Insights into the Asian Construction Industry

Dr. Calvin Kam, Founder & CEO of SBI·bimSCORE emphasizes again the importance and process of going digital. He firstly shares some insightful cases, such as BoKlok in Europe, Boston Dynamics, Mortenson etc. Dr. Calvin also shares the construction innovations and KPIs survey results from different countries with us. He and his team found out innovators in the industry are barely sceptical of the new technologies and highly confident in new materials, virtual design & construction, and all other technologies. Also, new materials, computer optimization and industrialized construction are positive in ROI, although nearly all the respondents have invested in virtual design & construction. In another survey, Dr. Calvin found out there’re major three hurdles faced by Hong Kong as well as Aisa-Pacific construction industries, which are value-driven mind set, BIM-led workflow and aligned expertise. In the end, Dr. Calvin highly praised Glodon’s commitment towards construction industry and spirit of striving for greatness.

3. Establishment Operation and Maintenance of Malaysian National BIM Center

Mr. Sharifuddin Bin Umar, Head - Program Management Unit of CIDB E-Construct Services Sdn. Bhd, shows the realisation & operation of the Malaysia National BIM Centre and its contribution to the industry, including standards, promotions, training, resources, R&D and policy. Some future aspirations were shared in the end about how to transform the Malaysian construction industry.

4. Cultivating Digitalization Talent for the Next Normal in Construction Industry

Dr. Llewellyn Tang, Associate Professor in Building Information Modelling (BIM), The University of Hong Kong takes his time to share how we can cultivate our next normal digital talent 2020-2030. Based on the recent McKinsey report, construction industry is still lagging behind other industries and lack of digital talent to drive the innovation. He shares what the University of Hong Kong did to cultivate the talents in the construction industry. A digital talent must be able to set the standard for your practice, manage the data-driven workflow using a CDE (Common Data Environment), and define the information requirement. The next normal digital talent needs an international and innovative approach using technology to optimise the operation process of digital assets. It is hoped that digital talents can reshape five essential functions in the digital world, namely information procurement, information assurance, storage & cyber security, user functionality & customization, and information output.

5. Case sharing of Indonesia PT. HUTAMA KARYA (Persero)

PT. Hutama Karya (Persero) as the Indonesia’s most valuable infrastructure developer has been contributing to Indonesia infrastructure legacy since 1961. Mr. Novias Nurendra, Operational Director of PT. Hutama Karya, gives current updates in construction including worldwide construction market, infrastructure construction improvement and the next normal effect in construction industry. According to a McKinsey report 2020, the global construction is estimated to take around 2 years to recover from Covid-19 impact. Accelerating rollout and adoption of digitization are the first step we should do. We are glad to see that BIM has improved the around 72% of efficiency in pre-construction and around 79% of efficiency in construction stage in PT. Hutama Karya. From the digital transformation and BIM journey in Indonesia, we know that BIM implementation is about change management. It requires support from all stakeholders and develop your own road map gradually. 


The digital transformation of construction industry has begun and accelerated by the COVID-19 according to Mckinsey report. Under the current global situation, digital transformation is a must to all of us now. We hope that everyone out there in the world is safe and have some insights from our summit today. And we will continue supporting you without disruption in such challenging period. To survive and thrive, digital transformation is on the way! Glodon will always be your side!

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