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Emerge Stronger with Cubicost Digital 5D BIM Cost Management Solution

With digital technology transforming every sector of Singapore’s economy, it is essential that we ensure our local SMEs adopt the right digital technologies to improve operations and generate new revenue.


About Cubicost Digital 5D BIM Cost Management Solution 

A digital costing platform, for the QS fraternity, whereby measurements of element components indicates geometry with attributes and information required by QS. Providing Detailed & Accurate Quantities during quantification of elements through the consideration of Industry Standard Calculation Rules & Settings based on Singapore Measurement Standards. Bringing a Visual Reality of a 2D Plan Drawing to a 3D Visualization Model.



SMEs can claim up to 80% off with a Cubicost Digital 5D BIM Cost Management Solution PSG Grant on following:

  • Cubicost Digital 5D BIM Takeoff for Architecture & Structure


  • Cubicost Digital 5D BIM Takeoff for Architecture & Structure with Rvt Integration


  • Cubicost Digital 5D BIM Takeoff for Rebar


  • Cubicost Digital 5D BIM for BQ Cost Management


  • Cubicost Digital 5D BIM Takeoff MEP




To apply for the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) , here are the guiding steps

  1. Visit Solutions supported under the Productivity Solutions Grant - [Building & Construction - Quantity Surveying and Valuation].

  2. Get a quotation from Glodon International (pre-approved Vendor) for your Cubicost Digital 5D BIM Cost Management Solution.
  3. Log in to your Business Grants Portal with your corporate pass to apply for the PSG.
  4. Contact us (Glodon International) if you need step by step guide for your application.


Watch Cubicost customer sharing video here:

About Glodon Company

Established in 1998, Glodon Company Limited was listed on A-share market in May 2010 in China, taking the spot as No.1 Technology and Software Provider for the AEC Industry in China and ranked Top 5 globally for the same sector. With more than 7,000 employees and over 70 branches around the world, providing services to AEC professionals in over 100 countries and regions.

About Glodon Singapore 

Glodon Singapore has always been operating based on Customer Orientated and Professional Services since our humble beginning in 2011. To ensure the end users really benefit from the investment and the application, Glodon Singapore has been always strive hard to provide suitable, practical and advanced digital solutions to help AEC firms accelerate their efforts towards the digital transformation.


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