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Cubicost New Product Launch 2021: New Normal, New Digital Costing - Glodon Singapore

GO DIGITAL - 5D BIM Creating Cost Certainty  : New Normal, New Digital Costing -  Glodon Singapore launched the new generation of Cubicost 5D BIM Solution- TAS C-III, TRB C-III and TBQ C-III on the 30th March 2021. 


Presented by Glodon Singapore, Cubicost New Product Launch 2021 official released Cubicost new product - TAS C-III, TRB C-III and TBQ C-III  on the 30th March 2021.


GO DIGITAL: 5D BIM Creating Cost Certainty - New Normal, New Digital Costing officially launched the new features of Cubicost New Product – TAS C-III, TRB C-III and TBQ C-IIICubicost 5D BIM Cost Management Solutions. 

The live event received strong responses from professionals in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry within Singapore as well as international participants with more than 500 industry professionals whom graced the event online. In our midst we welcomed Developers, QS consultants, Contractors, members of SISV (Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers) and Academic Institutions includes  National University of Singapore to celebrate with us on technological breakthrough of Glodon. 


BIM is definitely the way moving forward in Construction sector. In order to excel in BIM and be hassle-less in the digital transformation, we need not just good software but one that can evolve according to the needs and requirements of the industry.  And Cubicost is one of them that go through R&D extensively and provide updates every year,” said Mr. Greyson Wong, Assistant Sales Manager of Glodon International, host of the live show.


Each one will experience digital innovations in AEC industry differently, of course there is no doubt that significant change is happening.

Mr. Sean Sha, Managing Director of Glodon International  sharing his insights on how Cubicost 5D BIM Solution further drive BIM transformation in AEC industry. Glodon providing full lifecycle application of Cubicost, which help to elevate the efficiency with powerful Digital Quantity Takeoffs. Mr. Sean Sha highlighted "Digitization is a term we have been all using for ages, while Digital Transformation in the construction industry is not a prediction nor a far-off concept; it’s happening now. BIM is able to adopted throughout buildings' lifecycles, in cost management, project management as well. With 3D modelling design and quantity take-off based on a 3D BIM model, there is significantly increasing productivity as well as the overall efficiency of construction projects. As of today, on average, a market share of 70% for main - contractors in Singapore who are using Cubicost solutions to raise their productivity and accelerate digital transformation. With that, it’s worth for Glodon taking a step back to evaluate and focus on how can we deploy digital-collaboration with AEC industry professionals in a long-run to shape the future of digitalization.​"


Cubicost 5D BIM Solution brand new upgradation : Keep going further, deeper and connected.

Mr. Jason Wong, Deputy Service Manager of Glodon International brought the audience with in-depth sharing on Cubicost 5D BIM Solution new generation smart features, which including Quick Modeling, Segmentation for Construction Stage, Integrated Cloud Collaboration, Convenient Check and many others smart features. With new features of Cubicost Solutions – TAS C-III, TRB C-III and TBQ C-II, quantity takeoff journey will be smarter and work efficiency will skyrocket. Mr. Jason Wong highlighted "Cubicost never stop bringing our solution to next level to help you better handle your business. So, in the new version, we want to go further to bring digital takeoff to construction stage and you could take the advantages of BIM takeoff for progress claim, sub contracting and etc. Cubicost takeoff solution: Go further, go deeper and go connected. Make everything count!"


Be a 5D BIM QS Expert

Ms. Sharon Ooi, Service Consultant of Glodon International continue to bring this excitement to another Cubicost Product, TBQ C-III : The Digitalization on Cost Management which redefines tender document preparation, pricing, analysis and management with BIM. Ms. Sharon shared with audiences that TBQ is a platform that integrates QTY, Rates and BQ items, accurately records the source, direction and changes process of each data. It provides multi-dimensional checking and intelligent analysis functions to help users to achieve lean management on their massive data. As conclude, TBQ C-III provides professional cost management and electronic tendering solutions, making your cost management easy, efficient, professional and intelligent.


Special Guest Speaker of the day, Ms. Christina Leong, Executive Senior Quantity Surveyor of Surbana Jurong Consultant Pte Ltd as Glodon outstanding user to share on the successful BIM implementation journey with Cubicost 5D BIM Solution with the industry professionals. Ms. Christina delivered her speech on 5D BIM Cost Management and how Surbana Jurong is spearheading and taking the lead in digital transformation in the construction industry. Ms. Christina shared in her speech “Thanks to 5D BIM, data is provided in real time as the model is developed or changed, alternative concepts can be easily exploit, owner and project team can see the cost and other data unfold instantaneously, this drastically shorten design and estimation cycle time. Reliable, accurate updates and real time drive efficiency."  


Glodon International is honored to be able to invite 2nd Special Guest Speaker, Mr. Rob Sanchez, Senior BIM Manager from China Construction Development Co Pte Ltd, BIM manager who has over 12 years of experience in construction and project management firm to share his view in Digital Transformation through Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD). In addition, he also shared with us how adoption of BIM technology can propel us further in this industry. "We are building digital partnerships with vendors like Glodon to help us build a single platform to manage the whole project data. This is the reason  that we are looking forward in Digital Partner with vendors." said Mr. Rob Sanchez in the closing of his sharing. 


It has been a decade that Glodon International in Singapore and we have been witnesses how BIM as revolutionary development reshaping the AEC industry. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to esteemed partners and clients for the trust and continuous support given to Glodon team over the years. 

We at Glodon Company never stop improving and innovating, we always strive for a high quality products and services provided to our valued users with the introduction of new features in Cubicost 5D BIM Cost Management Solutions that will make things faster, smarter and easier for you. 

Embark on the journey of Intelligent Cubicost 5D BIM Cost Management and Making Every Project a Success!


To Catch the Full Live Show of Cubicost New Product Launch 2021:


About Glodon Company

Glodon was founded in year 1998, Beijing, China. Since the beginning, the company has expanded with more than 4,500 employees situated in more than 50 branches and subsidiaries across 32 provinces and municipalities in China. Encompassing sales and service networks, covering more than 200 prefecture-level cities. It was listed in Shenzhen SME Board in year 2010, becoming the first listed AEC IT Company in China.

Since year 2009, the company established its international presence - with US, Finland and UK subsidiaries targeting the European and American markets. Within the SEA Markets, International subsidiaries was formalized in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Hong Kong, to bring forth the Glodon Value Proposition on Technology for the Construction Industry. Distributors in UAE, Taiwan, Philippines and Thailand to foster the drive of value proposition to its local industries.

Glodon International Private Limited was established in 2011 as Glodon’s Singapore business operation center for the SEA region. We have impacted over 200 local and International construction firms that has already incorporate and implement with Glodon BIM-based solutions into their business lifecycle in Singapore.


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