Go Digital Leadership Forum 2020 - Industry Practices in Digital Transformation on 5D BIM

The construction industry is constantly evolving and the need to adapt and embrace advance digital technologies is vital for survival.

On 8 October, 9.00am to 11.30am (GMT 8) - Go Digital Leadership Forum 2020 virtual event focused on digital transformation of the building & construction industry, which has been exponential this year due to COVID-19, playing a crucial role in keeping the industry moving forward.


Organized by Glodon Singapore and Co-organized by SISV - Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers, Go Digital Leadership Forum 2020, themed Digital Transformation on 5D BIM provided a digital platform for emerging and established local AEC leaders to be connect, inspired, and exchange of knowledge and expertise of going digital and implementing digital solutions. Focusing on digital transformation and utilizing that to increase productivity and competency in using BIM technology in Singapore, once again to bring together the most influential and brightest minds leaders to explore successful industry practices, and the most effective strategies to enable the AEC firms take the next step to breakthrough and move forward to the road map towards digitalization.


Go Digital Leadership Forum 2020

To commence the forum, Mr. Joel Ong - Senior Director of Glodon Singapore expressed his appreciation to all the audiences who joined online and followed by giving his welcome remarks to all the audiences. He reminded us that “Resisting change is no longer an option especially in today's rapidly evolving business world. Organizations and companies in the construction sector in Singapore, must start looking at undergoing and partaking in digital transformations to remain viable and competitive.”


Go Digital Leadership Forum 2020

We’re delighted to have Mr. Khoo Sze Boon as the forum Guest of Honor speaker, President of QS Division / Central Management Committee Chairman of Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers / Managing Director of Singapore Turner & Townsend. He welcomed the audiences and delivered his opening message on the importance of how digital adoption can revolutionize the business. He also discussed the challenges arising from the application of the emerging new technologies in the AEC industry as well as the new opportunities around us.


Go Digital Leadership Forum 2020

Speaking at the forum, the first Keynote speaker Mr. Eugene - Managing Director, Smart City Solutions of Surbana Jurong delivered his speech on the topic of 5D BIM, The Next Wave of Thought Leadership. He shared that the greater adoption of BIM will rapidly transform the built environment industry in the coming years. "BIM creates value from the combined efforts of people, process and technology. He further elaborated on the industry challenges that many organizations are facing right now and how to get use to the new norm and move From Inception to Completion and Beyond."


 Go Digital Leadership Forum 2020Mr. Simon Simon Liew - Managing Director of Bimfinity & Bimtech Solutions, he gave his speech on the topic of The Evolution of Quantity Surveyors. He shared that right now, the construction industry has yet to adopt an integrated platform that spans project planning, design, construction, operations, and maintenance. He further highlighted that “the global construction industry is moving towards widespread implementation of BIM technology and Quantity Surveyors should start appreciating BIM, understand its full potential, and integrate 5D BIM into their current and future work practices.”


Go Digital Leadership Forum 2020

The last keynote speaker was Mr. Andy Zhang – Managing Director of Glodon International. He brought us two important questions before started his speech. “Why 5D BIM Digital Transformation is the core for many organizations nowadays? And what are the key components that we must be aware of when embarking on Digital Transformation?” To answer the mentioned questions he delivered his impressive and in-depth sharing on The Practical Way of 5D BIM Digital Transformation, he further addressed that "strategy and leadership drive Digital Transformation and in the first place, right technology solutions enable Digital Transformation."


Coming to the end of the forum, Prof Daniel Wong - Associate Professor from National University of Singapore led the live panel session with discussion topic on "How BIM technology can help firms recover from the Pandemic impact especially in areas of improvement in productivity, savings in cost and time?" Together with Mr. Chandra - Principal BIM Manager of Surbana Jurong, Ms. Christina - Digital QS of Surbana Jurong, Mr. Simon - Managing Director of Bimfinity & Bimtech Solutions, as well as Mr. Andy - Managing Director of Glodon International joined the live panel session.

Go Digital Leadership Forum 2020

Forging meaningful connections and insightful discussions, Go Digital Leadership Forum 2020 concluded on a high note, attracted more than 200 building construction leaders and professionals from 136 companies to recognize the uprising trend of going Digital and in Embracing on BIM technology in their Construction Project Life Cycle. We believe that building & construction industry needs to keep pushing on its digital implementation journey, and Glodon team promise to be your partner in this journey.

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