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Addingtons Formwork cuts estimating time by 40%

Addingtons is a leading groundwork and concrete frame contractor which specialises in all aspects of substructure and superstructure construction. To accelerate productivity by 40% and take their business to the next level, their team chose Cubicost’s all-in-one digital construction platform. Keep reading to find out more about their transformation journey!


Our team at Cubicost spoke with Paul O'Donnell at Addingtons, to understand the obstacles his team faced before implementing Cubicost, compared to their experience after using the platform.

Like most estimators, the team at Addingtons worked daily to win more tenders. They wanted to reduce quantification time while also remaining efficient throughout the tendering process. One unique aspect of their challenge was the makeup of their team structure.

“Our team members have very different skill sets when it comes to using technology. We have two senior estimators and two trainee estimators.”

Addingtons_Formwork_–_Since_1979The team needed a way to collaborate on projects better, which is why the software platform they were searching for had to be user-friendly, given their differences in experience.

“When we first tried Cubicost, it helped level the playing field and even our senior estimators who were initially hesitant to use the new technology have now been up-skilled.”

Based on their initial satisfaction onboarding the software platform, they decided to take the leap and implemented Cubicost TAS across their company in April 2018.

And that is exactly what they saw with the 3D modeling feature, which is built-in to the Cubicost platform.

Group 17“By converting our plans at the tender stage to a 3D model, we could obtain quantities two days earlier compared to our previous method. That was a 40% reduction in time on our first project!”

During the initial onboarding phase, Cubicost focused on developing junior estimators by sending trainers to Addingtons’ office to show them how to produce 3D models, which empowered them to use the tool in the best possible way for their team.

“The entire onboarding experience felt very personalised. The Cubicost trainer helped us produce work that could easily be checked and used, which created a more valuable workflow.”

Now that the junior staff members are comfortable using the platform, they act as in-house leaders for software best practice and even enable senior staff members to make better use of the platform and thus, more informed executive decisions.

“The tool was also further customised for exactly what we needed. We requested specific measurement rules and localisation features, which were then built into the models. Cubicost really went the extra mile for us.”

The improved output model was utilised beyond quantification and multiplied in value by improving inter-team coordination efforts, such as instances when estimators collaborated with the engineering team or the cost data team.

“Using Cubicost has helped to accelerate our company growth and has motivated both junior team members as well as senior staff members to fundamentally adopt a better way of working together to win more tenders.”

Is your team ready to embark on a digital transformation journey, just like Addingtons?

Cubicost has helped companies just like yours to improve work efficiency by up to 70%!

Senior BDM at Cubicost, Richard Paxton added: ‘Thanks to Paul and his team, we have a great two-way partnership first of all. Whilst the focus is naturally on ROI, this case shows the value of collaboration - a frequently over-used word, but appropriate here, given the enhanced value that Addington staff can now offer each other and their supply chain alike, by embracing the best fit, future technologies in their sector.’

With our digital construction platform, you can:

  • Complete quantity take-off faster and win more tenders
  • Eliminate human error and ensure calculation accuracy
  • Easily check and modify quantities
  • Contact us for a personalised demo today!

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