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Digital technology, the key to drive the most out of data juice

Mckinsey social surveyLately, construction industry practitioners are gaining familiarity with the figure above. At year 2015, McKinsey shared their findings regarding the industry digitization index at America. Showing that nearly all the activities that have possible use of digital technology has not been utilizing. Making construction industry one of the worse digitization industries over the list. What is digital technology, why is it important, and how a piece of gear considered as a digital technology?

In separate understanding, common definition of digital means data and information that stored within binary digit form and utilized as an electronic information. On the other hand, technology is defined as a piece of scientific discovery that made enabled capabilities to practically apply knowledge. In the other word, research determined that digital technology is the replication of knowledge management with getting, refining, storing and using information in a binary digital way. Digital technology is a piece of tech that able to make use of information and knowledge thru electronic form.

Cubicost is one of the kinds as a digital technology. It builds to collect, manipulate, store, and utilize information to aid QS works become more effectively and efficiently. First, Cubicost collect drawing information from various professions. It can import drawings to review and use in the later stage of works. Once the drawings are imported, Cubicost then builds 3D model on top of the drawings. This helps to improve the visualization of the drawing information. With the improved visualization, professional QS shall then able to justify calculations and deductions. Helping QS to make the most use out of their professional knowledge to determine accurate quantification. The improved visualization further help to clarify if the designs from both architect and engineer are prone to clashes and discrepancies.

TAS Drawing - 1

After the manipulation of information was completed, Cubicost further store and make the better use of information collected for the project. It generates and stores variety of quantity information report thru making use the 3D geometrical information generated in the earlier stage of work. This would help QS to extract quantity in any form of need, either for purchase order of materials, progressive measurement of work completion, final account as-built work done measurement, etc. It provides not just the quantity extracted based on the 3D geometry information, but also inclusive of various tacit knowledge that only available at site. Cubicost built-in knowledge of local construction practices and regulations and standards. Assuring the calculation extracted from the 3D geometry can be best utilize accurately throughout the construction project lifecycle.

Pictures indicated below is how Glodon Cubicost generated the quantities for various of purposes.


3D direct extract


Auto summation quantity report TAS QTO - 4

Details breakdown quantification


Elemental Breakdown Quantification

As researcher claimed BIM made data widely available. Digital technology drives the juice out of it to improve the industry productivity.

Glodon Cubicost is your way to start the digital transformation journey.

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