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JTC Corporation (Singapore) Delegates Visited Glodon Headquarter

On 18th October 2019, JTC Corporation (Singapore) (hereinafter referred to as “JTC”) delegates visited Glodon Company Limited (hereafter referred to as “Glodon”) Headquarter in Beijing, China. The objective for both parties is to to better enhance the relationship between JTC and Glodon, leveraging digital technologies to promote city development and achieve grater success.

IMG_7309Mr.Terence Seow, ACEO of JTC (left)

and Mr. Liu Qian, the Board Member and Senior Vice President of Glodon (right)

JTC Corporation (Singapore) Delegates

Mr. Liu Qian, the Board Member and Senior Vice President of Glodon delivered a welcome speech and introduced Glodon and the international business development. Dr. Zhang Yong, Senior Researcher of Glodon gave a presentation on Integrated CIM Solution for Digital City based on Digital Twin. Mr. Andy Zhang, Managing Director of Glodon Singapore introduced Cubicost 5D BIM solution. He further presented TAS, TRB and TBQ with product value and project cases. The representatives from both parties have agreed to achieve win-win cooperation for the resources advantage for both and further expand the cooperation into various areas of practices and research topics. Mr. Tan Su Chern, Director of Technical Services Division, were impressed with the presentations and mentioned that he now had a better understanding of the advantages of Glodon.” Besides of Cost Management, Glodon is also an expert in construction field,” he said. The delegations also showed great interest in BIM application and raised several questions on it. Mr. Liu Qian said that with the help of BIM technology, the Singapore contractors cooperated with Glodon improved work efficiency a lot. “In the past, companies put more focus on design and marketing aspects, the production and manufacturing would be outsourced. However when it comes to the internet digitization phase, the traditional construction would be replaced by digitization. To achieve digitization and be the master of actual manufacturing, that is what Glodon advantages in. What’s more, Glodon also offers CIM platform, a CIM solution for digital city based on Digital Twin. With the CIM platform, a lot of data can be utilized and converted graphically.”


JTC Corporation (JTC) is the lead agency in Singapore to spearhead the planning, promotion and development of a dynamic industrial landscape. Since its inception in 1968, JTC has played a major role in Singapore's economic development journey by developing land and space to support the transformation of industries and create quality jobs.

IMG_7347 (1)The Delegates in the Glodon Digital Building Experience Center

Mr.Terence Seow, ACEO of JTC, mentioned that after experienced the Glodon Digital Building Experience Center he is quite impressed by the advanced digital technology that Glodon offers. He had a deep understanding about ‘Smart Construction’, the BIM application and CIM platform in China construction industry. In the future, they wish to see the combination of technology and concepts, and jointly lead development and innovation in the field of construction and digitalization. They look forward to strengthening exchanges and cooperation in more fields at deeper levels.

As a leading enterprise in construction technology firm, Glodon has more than 50 subsidiaries, offices and R&D centers in the United States, Britain, Finland, Sweden, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and India, serving customers in more than 100 countries around the world. At present, as the core engine of the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry, Glodon is actively exploring the international market, accelerating globalization, and helping to build global core competitiveness for ‘Building of China’.

Glodon believes that cooperating with leading enterprises in overseas markets can help Glodon’s international products enter the local market quickly, gain recognition from local enterprises and further enhance commercial influence. With the rich industry experience and influence on the local construction market of JTC, it will help Glodon products to start the important steps toward internationalization.


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