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The Start of Something Exciting in this 2019 : Revolution of BIM Cost Management

Glodon Indonesia unleash the revolution of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in Jakarta by January 23rd, 2019. Inviting the construction stakeholders from developers, contractors, consultants and government, the BIM Cost Management revolution is opening a new page.

Revolution of BIM Cost Management

by Muhammad Deni Daruri

Blueprint style 3D rendered house with white outlines on blue backgroundWithout any indication and warning, technology has rapidly developed and all connected each other. This development happens for all aspect, product, support, or service. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the property and construction industry has slowly but surely begun to see the benefits of the ever-evolving technological world we now live and work in and there's always a new part appeared related to technology in the world.

In the other side, construction is always be discussion material everyday, so that opportunity always up for everyone who are thirsty and eager for knowledge and experience in construction technology world. And also, technology can be used as standard for a certain area improvement.

BIM as the transformational tool 

Cubicost TAS

BIM (Building Information Modelling) come up as a bridge to merge those aspect, Digital and Construction. Talking about BIM, in Indonesia for some people think that BIM is a software or even some of them think that BIM is literally only a construction drawing and other people have never heard about BIM at all. One of the software that can helps QS to transform will be our latest Cubicost TAS

BIM is more recognised by developed countries. While BIM is a main topic for the conversation, some BIM’s element appeared. Drawing is not only the element talked while speaking about BIM, but volume, costing, scheduling, construction method until project management itself are the BIM’s elements.

Accordingly, there is a big gap between Indonesia as a developing country with other developed countries that have implemented BIM as a platform to help the work. So that, Glodon as IT development company in a construction field is taking a part of BIM development process and progress in Indonesia.

Cubicost kicks off 2019 in Jakarta  

Glodon - Glodon IndonesiaIn January 2019 to start a year, as a part of BIM development in Indonesia, Glodon will hold a conference that will show the revolution of BIM cost management to disappearing the gap.

During the event, this conference will be focused on how BIM can help costing management in a project, specially by using Glodon software. This event will be attended by around 500 people from 200 companies.

This is a big opportunity to learn and know how the digital construction works as a twin of the real construction work. Where its presence can help to plan, to execute, to monitor, and also to maintenance. All and all, there is a solid desire for companies to looking forward for some new opportunities that come with this event.

Join our kickoff session on 23rd Jan 2019 by simply visiting our Eventbrite page and register yourself in - https://tasc1.eventbrite.com 

Welcome 2019!

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