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Embracing Digital Costing: Enhancing Efficiency and Cost Savings at CitraLake Villa | Ciputra Development

Ciputra Development Tbk., a distinguished business conglomerate with a remarkable track record, embarked on an ambitious project, CitraLake Villa. This luxurious property development, consisting of 4 floors and covering an impressive floor area of 9,940 sqm, was set to become a symbol of excellence and innovation in the industry.


The Challenges

The CitraLake Villa project encountered its fair share of challenges. With numerous Bill of Quantity (BoQ) items, maintaining accuracy in calculations proved daunting and error-prone. Additionally, the show unit requirements underwent constant changes and recalculation, posing significant obstacles for the team. Embracing modern technology, particularly adopting digital solutions, was met with resistance from the QS team, making the shift to digitalisation a demanding task.

To overcome these challenges, Ciputra turned to the Cubicost TAS solution. This decision marked a turning point in their journey towards enhanced efficiency and precision.


Key Feature Highlight

TAS Logo 2 Import RVT file: The solution streamlined the handling of 3D models, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in the quantity take-off process.

TAS Logo 2 Reversely Check Model: This innovative feature minimised human errors, resulting in highly precise and reliable quantity outputs.

TAS Logo 2 BQ Module: The module enabled seamless cross-checking with detailed 3D views, facilitating the clarification process and fostering effective collaboration.

Cubicost TAS solution proved indispensable, providing a range of powerful features that significantly eased the quantity take-off process. The BQ Module's cross-checking capability allowed for detailed 3D views, ensuring precise BOQs and leaving minimal room for errors caused by missing items or miscalculations.

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The Benefits

  • BOQ-making Duration Efficiency
    By implementing digital costing, the BOQ-making process was streamlined, reducing the duration from 7 days to a mere 2 days. This remarkable decrease of 71% in time spent on BOQ-making significantly accelerated project progress and efficiency.

  • Preventing Additional Works and Cost Overruns
    Digital costing prevented additional works and cost overruns caused by missing bill items or miscalculations. At CitraLake Villa, this resulted in an impressive cost savings of IDR 20 million per housing unit, amounting to a total of IDR 560 million for all 28 units.

  • Cost Efficiency and Sustainability
    Adopting digital costing eliminated the need for printing drawings and manual take-off tools, resulting in direct savings of IDR 200,000. This eco-friendly approach not only contributed to cost efficiency but also reflected Ciputra's commitment to sustainability.

Workflow 5DBIM-Ciputra-CitraLakeVilla

Cubicost Implementation Journey

During the BIM implementation journey, Glodon's customer success consultants played a pivotal role in Ciputra’s success story. The consultants provided invaluable technical support for TAS-Revit (also known as TIO) operation, along with technical expertise, advice, and solutions that accelerated the company's BIM implementation. The dedicated service, flexibility for online and offline support, and intensive technical assistance were instrumental in swiftly building the required capacity for BIM-based quantity take-off. Glodon’s customer success consultants also played crucial roles in developing Ciputra’s key QS team member, enabling Ciputra to conduct their independent internal training and speed up capacity building of the staff.


With a visionary spirit driving the organisation, PT Ciputra Development, backed by Cubicost TAS solution and Glodon's customer success team, has made significant strides in the CitraLake Villa project. As they continue to embrace the potential of 5D BIM take-off in preconstruction, they exemplify a commitment to excellence, innovation, and success.

About PT Ciputra Development Tbk.

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PT Ciputra Development Tbk. is a well-established business conglomerate with a rich history of over four decades. It was founded by the late Dr. (HC) Ir. Ciputra and his family, were instrumental in shaping the Indonesian property sector. Dr. Ciputra's contributions included the establishment of Real Estate Indonesia (REI) and the involvement in founding several major corporations like the Jaya Group and the Metropolitan Group. Over the years, PT Ciputra Development Tbk. has become a prominent player in large-scale property development and has successfully diversified its portfolio into various sectors, including office buildings, shopping centres, hotels, apartments, education, healthcare, insurance, agriculture, art centres, and property brokerage. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a visionary approach, PT Ciputra Development Tbk. continues to be a leading force in Indonesia's business landscape.
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