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Construction 4.0? Industrial 4.0? IR 4.0? An empirical study reviews.

The term 4.0 seems trendy, and a lot of others been mentioning it and even using it for the relevant advertising activities. Ever wonder what does 4.0 really means? Where from the name of Construction 4.0? Industrial 4.0? Even IR 4.0? In this reading, we will bring up some findings from empirical research perspective defining what are they.

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Researchers claimed that Industry 4.0, also known as Industrial Revolution 4.0, was first difficult to justify in sentences. It is more likely to be demonstrated in a conceptual framework which involves the application and result of smart factory, cyber-physical-system, self-organization, new distribution and procurement system, new form of product and services, and more adaptive to human needs. The concept was later become vivid whereas researchers defined IR 4.0 as the embracing technology that aided with digital data providing smart and intelligent driven processes, resulting to the transformation of the industry and even the society.

Looking at construction costing alone, Glodon promotes the use of 3D modelling technology as the very form of digital data, further make better use of the geometrical information of 3D modelling to run intelligent analysis. The processes basically utilize technology to make the most out of digital data. With that, make better productivity and efficiency of cost engineer and quantity surveyor practices, brings IR 4.0 for the quantity surveying practices!

Researcher studied and identified that the construction industry version of IR 4.0 was commonly recognized as Construction 4.0. Construction 4.0 is expected to benefit the industry with improving productivity, lessen delay and cost overrun, cope project complexity, and enhances safety, quality and resources efficiency. Eventually resulting to a 10% to 21% of project cost saving. To make possible the vision of construction 4.0, the key to digital transformation is inevitable!

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Application of Glodon technology, especially our long industrial validated star product, Cubicost, helps the industry to embrace better with Construction 4.0. Our solution is rather well grounded with research and development team over the digital transformation theory. It makes the best use of 3D digital data to run with our smart and intelligent analytical system. Now, we even offer our online services thru embedding into software, enable the seamless experience to use software, supporting all industrial practitioners to transform and embrace with Construction 4.0 evolution.


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