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Glodon and Construction Industry Authority of the Philippines signed MoU to Establish Strategic Partnership


Both parties have signed an agreement for strategic cooperation. Doris Gacho, the Executive Director of Construction Industry Authority of the Philippines (on the right), and Qian Liu, the Senior Vice President of Glodon Technology Co., Ltd. (on the left).

On 28th June 2019, the China Digital Building Annual Summit (2019) in Qingdao, Glodon Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Glodon”) and the Construction Industry Authority of the Philippines (hereinafter referred to as “CIAP”) signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the strategic cooperation agreement. The objective for both parties is to embrace in-depth transformation for the Philippines construction industry.


Ms. Doris Gacho, the Executive Director of CIAP, Ms. Aizel Anolin, the Acting Chief of the Philippine Overseas Construction Board (hereinafter referred to as “POCB”), Mr. Joji Valenciano, the Director of the Construction Manpower Development Foundation (hereinafter referred to as “CMDF”), Mr. Qian Liu, the Senior Vice President of Glodon, Mr. Ethan Chiu, the Managing Director of International Business Development Department, and Mr. Frank Xu, the Philippines Branch Manager have represented each of their organization to attend the signing ceremony. The representatives from both parties have also agreed to achieve win-win cooperation for the resources advantage for both and further expand the cooperation into various areas of practices and research topics.

In reference to the MoU, Glodon and CIAP will carry out in-depth development on digital and intelligent technology transformation for the Philippines construction industry. It will strengthen business exchanges, achieve common economic development, and fully empower the Philippines industrial ecology.

Mr. Qian Liu mentioned that, “Glodon has started its business in the Philippines since 2015 and learnt the Philippine Construction Industry Roadmap 2020-2030 that clearly identified the plans and goals from the Philippines government. This strategic cooperation with CIAP will be an all-rounded strategic cooperation between government and industry enterprises in the technical fields of BIM technology, digital building, smart city, etc.”

Ms. Doris Gacho said, "Through this strategic cooperation, we can be empowered with the digital technologies from Glodon such as BIM, cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, mobile Internet, artificial intelligence, etc. for the Philippines construction industry and form a digital building platform."

CIAP plays an important role for Philippines construction industry, which promotes, accelerates, and regulates the Philippines construction industry with the connection from various professional bodies including Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board, Philippine Overseas Construction Board, the Philippine Domestic Construction Board, and the Construction Manpower Development Foundation.


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