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“The Belt and Road” Seminar on Infrastructure Construction for International Talents Helps to Facilitate Digital Transformation on Construction Industry in 7 countries

“The Belt and Road” Seminar on Infrastructure Construction for International Talents Helps to Facilitate Digital Transformation on Construction Industry in 7 countries

From 1st July to 5th July, 2019, the first“Belt and Road” Seminar on Infrastructure Construction for International Talents was successfully co-organized by Glodon Company Limited, Shanghai Construction Vocational Education Group and Shanghai Urban Construction Vocational College. The delegates were from governments in construction industry, university professors, and technical elites of enterprise in Lebanon, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. With the infrastructure construction as the core, the 10-day seminar tour provided delegates with full understanding of the whole project life cycle from planning, design, construction to operation and maintenance. Besides, by visiting and learning the major projects in China, the delegates improved their professional competence and practical cognition. The seminar tour further expanded the delegates' vision through the teaching of cutting-edge technologies in the fields of green construction and BIM technology application.


Seminar Tour 1st Station: Qingdao---China Digital Building Annual Summit 2019

With the theme of “DIGITIZATION: Key Driver of Industrial Transformation, for the Great Success of AEC Industry”, the summit invited more than 2,000. The participants including government leaders, industry experts, business professionals, and university staffs from more than 20 countries to discuss the development direction of digitization in the construction industry, share the latest solutions and researches in digital applications of different countries in the field of construction, and jointly promote the progress of the entire industry. The delegates from seminar tour also attended the summit and are greatly impressed with the rapid development of digital application in China's construction industry. They also hope to further deepen exchanges and cooperation with China.


Seminar Tour 2nd Station: Shanghai---"Development and Construction of Contracting Engineering"


Ms. Li Lan, Director of International Business in Shanghai Construction Group Co., Ltd., (hereinafter referred to as “SCG”) gave a keynote speech on the development of the “Belt and Road” and the development of the SCG. Mr. Gao Zhenfeng, Deputy Chief Engineer of SCG delivered a speech on “Shanghai Hongqiao Integrated Transportation Hub”, explaining how to solve large scale and complex projects through lean project management and advanced construction technology which allows the members of the seminar to understand the modernization and lean management of Chinese building.



The delegates also visited the Shanghai Urban Planning Museum, the smart site "BRIC National New Development Bank Headquarters Building" construction project, Shanghai Center Building, Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, etc. Through on-site learning, they had a better understanding of the application of BIM technology and the digital management of the construction projects.



Seminar Tour 3rd Station: Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province---for Ancient Chinese Architecture and Culture

The delegates came to Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province for a visit of ancient town Xitang, they were all impressed by the beauty of traditional buildings and realized the profoundness of Chinese classical culture.


At the Jiaxing City Construction Industry School, Mr. Cao Guozhong, principal of the school, prepared a traditional dragon dance performance to welcome the delegates from seminar tour. The delegates showed great interest towards dragon dance performance and took initiative to take part in the performance.


What’s more, they had a hand-on experience on making a Luban lock themselves. Luban lock seemed to be composed of only a few simple blocks of wood, however, it contained mathematical principles of space geometry and linear combination.文物修复介绍-2


After“the Belt and Road” seminar on infrastructure construction for international talents , the cultural exchange and business cooperation between China and countries along the Belt and Road will be further strengthened.


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