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Glodon Cubicost 5D BIM Solution New Product Launch Event - MEP Innovations Goes Beyond BIM

On 14 October, 10.00 am (GMT +8), the live launch event “MEP Innovations Goes Beyond BIM – Experiencing an Enhanced QTO” received tremendous responses from Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Industry Professionals, with more than 400 MEP Professionals including government agencies and institutions, AEC leading developers, consultants, and contractors from over 20 countries.

In recent years Building Information Modelling (BIM) has gained much traction as digital construction technology that will fundamentally transform the building and construction industry practice in the delivery of an excellent built environment. It is a game-changing technology that will improve construction productivity as well as the level of integration and collaboration across the various stakeholders and disciplines in the construction value chain. It is therefore critically important for the industry to embrace BIM technology with clarity.

The live event “MEP Innovations Goes Beyond BIM focused on enhancing MEP quantity take-off process with advanced BIM solution, move beyond Traditional Quantity take-off of MEP by generating meaningful and complete quantities directly from the model in a truly digital workflow, unpack how MEP BIM Quantity Take-off Solution- Cubicost TMEC is being applied to deliver projects more efficiently, followed by introducing the latest developments of Cubicost TMEC smart features and lastly, sharing sessions from MEP industry leaders on how to embrace change at both an organisational and personal level.



Mr. Andy Zhang, Managing Director of Glodon Southeast Asia commenced the event by expressing his appreciation to all the audiences who joined online and followed by giving his welcome remarks to all the audiences. Mr. Andy Zhang also shared his insight on how digital transformation for MEP Quantity Surveyors & Cost estimators with Cubicost 5D BIM Solution is essential in this digitalization era.

Mr. Andy Zhang highlighted that “Digital transformation has been one of the hot topics in the construction industry, and it’s been shaping new ways of how we do things. Despite many unfortunate events that happened due to the COVID-19 pandemic, at the same time, it acts as one of the catalysts in transforming the business to be more digital and smarter. Proven reports show that we experienced an increased acceleration of digitisation by 50-55% in 2020. With more digital capabilities in the quantity surveying and cost estimating practice, we believe it can also help to boost the competency level and increase the value of quantity surveyors/cost estimators globally.”

Before ending his speech, he also shared that "It is good to see an increasing number of initiatives to accelerate BIM adoption to drive productivity improvements and data-driven decisions in the AEC Industry. And I'd always love to help AEC firms deepen 5D BIM adoption and maximize productivity" 



Our Keynote Speaker - Mr. Jason Wong, Product Expert of Glodon International brought the audience with in-depth sharing on a new generation of Cubicost TMEC- 5D BIM Take-off Solution for MEP. He emphasises the importance of quantity surveyors and cost estimators to produce an accurate quantity result. He explained that before a quantity surveyor or cost estimator can bid for or start a project, they need to know the types and quantities of different materials they will need to complete it. This ensures a proper estimation of the costs and requirements for the materials and will also give an indication of the labour costs involved in the installment or construction of said materials. Therefore, it is critically important for them to produce accurate results within the given project timeline, usually under a tight timeline.

Mr. Jason further introduced how can Cubicost TMEC Solution helps to resolve the challenges faced by MEP quantity surveyors and cost estimators.

He then highlighted the Core Advantages of Cubicost TMEC Solution, the new features of Cubicost TMEC Solution such as Device Identification, Air Duct System Identification, Cable Tray Wiring, and many other exciting features that will make quantity take-off much efficient and smarter.

How TMEC Comes by

How Cubicost TMEC Solution comes by

Core advantages

Three Core Advantages of Cubicost TMEC Solution

TMEC New interface

The new interface of Cubicost TMEC Solution


Chern Cover

We’re delighted to have our outstanding pilot user, Mr. Liew Yian Chern, a Tender Quantity Surveyor of Leng Aik Engineering, as the Guest Speaker to share his successful BIM implementation journey with Cubicost 5D BIM. Leng Aik Engineering, one of the leading MEP firms in Singapore with more than 20 years of experience. They are L6 Electrical Contractor and well versed in the fields of Electrical, Plumbing, and Sanitary as well as Integrated Building services for maintenance and upgrades.

Mr. Liew shared some of the challenges he faced with the Traditional Quantity Take-off method, tedious highlighting on PDF drawing, tendency to miss out on legends, and having human errors at times, therefore it is really time-consuming.

He also highlighted that Cubicost TMEC Solution allowed him to produce highly reliable measurements in a smarter and efficient way. In addition, moving away from the traditional method to a fully digital work process, furthermore, the paperless process is also environmentally friendly.

Chern Video 1

Sharing on the benefits of Cubicost TMEC Solution

CHern Video 2

Sharing on the benefits of Cubicost TMEC Solution

Chern Video 4

Sharing on before adopting Cubicost TMEC Solution

Mr. Liew ended his speech by giving his quote: “It’s okay to adopt late as BIM trend is expanding. Quantity Take-off method can be easy as long as to begin digitalization with Cubicost the soonest.”


Geetha Cover

We’re very honoured to be able to invite 2nd Special Guest Speaker, the outstanding pilot user from GWTech Engineering, Ms Geetha (Quantity Surveyor). GWTech Engineering has been in the industry for 15 years, they are specializing in Air-conditioning Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) System installation works and is a L5 ACMV contractor.

Ms Geetha shared her digital transformation journey on how Cubicost TMEC leads to high performance. Highlighting some of the challenges she encountered, she realised that adopting Cubicost TMEC Solution, not only will ease her workflow but also help to save 30-40% of the project time as compared to the Traditional Quantity Take-off method.

Geetha 1

Sharing on the challenges faced during the Traditional Quantity Take-off method

Geetha 2

Sharing on the challenges faced during the Traditional Quantity Take-off method

“To those who have yet to embark on Cubicost TMEC Solution, it’s never too late or too difficult to begin the BIM journey. Do give it a try to become a MEP BIM QS just like me as there are many benefits to your organization and yourself.” said Ms Geetha.


As the industry is moving towards digitalization and with the official release of Cubicost TMEC, we hope everyone will be able to embark on this digitalization journey. We will continue to serve and care for our clients with more innovative solutions that integrate cutting-edge technology and industry application value.

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