Glodon Malaysia Academia Direct Webinar 2021

On 8th of July 2021, Glodon Malaysia has successfully held virtually the first Glodon Malaysia Academia Direct 2021 webinar. More than 30 lecturers and academia staffs from public and private universities attended this webinar includes University of Malaya, Taylor’s University, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman etc. The main objective of this webinar is to provide a detailed briefing to academia partners about the latest features of Cubicost C-III features, partnerships benefit with Cubicost, and procedures of applying and acquiring Cubicost certificate from students and lecturers.

This webinar started with welcome speech by Country Director of Glodon Malaysia, Mr Victor Lee. In his speech, the awareness of digitalization solution has arisen, and more and more industries players are talking about BIM nowadays. This situation is unprecedented high especially in the COVID-19 times happened. “This is our first time to organize with webinar with specific to academia partners and gathering all our partner and update about latest service, product and other relates information related Glodon to you”, quoted by Victor.

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1. Victor Lee, the Country Director of Glodon Malaysia is delivering his welcome speech to academia partners.

After the welcome speech session, the keynote speaker, Eric Lee from Senior Service Consultant of Glodon Malaysia kick started the seminar which include New Features for C-III, Installation arrangement/guide, methods Cubicost Integration, Trainer Certification, Acknowledgement of Certified Trainers, and Student Resources & Certification.

During this webinar, Eric has shared the latest features of TAS, TRB and TBQ and showing how these cutting-edge features can be done such as Progress Claim, Segmentation workflow, Revision etc. With the assistance of Cubicost, industry players able to reduce the work hours and increase the efficiency and team collaboration in their own workplace.

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2. Eric is conducting the demo to the attendees with Cubicost C-III features.

To help academia partners to have a clearer understanding about Cubicost and the feedbacks from existing academia partners, we also invited few lecturers and students to have testimonials and how Cubicost can help them in their academic. One of our users, Dr Nurul Sakina from USM said: “The initiative by Glodon to provide the online learning platform was very useful. We as lecturers use Glodon Online Learning Platform as our primary reference for teaching.” “Glodon eCommunity was also very useful because they could simply refer to that for an answer in any similar questions and they could post their questions and get the feedback directly from the staff.” She added.

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3. Dr Nurul Sakina is sharing her Cubicost experience and the Online Teaching Platform (OTP) in the webinar.

Chow Kai Kong, student from Taylor University also commented that they haven’t go through any software for quantity surveying before using Cubicost. And the method they used for measurement is papers, draw the dimensions and write the description in the paper, which took a very long duration to complete the task. “There’s one thing that I really impressed, felt amazing is that when we draw the beams and it is overlapping, the system will help us to deduct the overlap” Chow said.

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4. Chow is sharing his experience in using Cubicost and the features can increase the work efficiency in his internship.

About Glodon & Cubicost

GLODON is a leading Digital Building Platforms and Services provider in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) industry, which has been dedicated to providing whole building lifecycle digital solutions for customers since 1998, and has become TOP 5 high-tech enterprises in the field of AEC industry informatization and digitalization in the world.

Glodon Company Limited was founded in 1998 in China and listed on the Shenzhen SME Board in May 2010. Glodon has around 5,000 employees at more than 50 branches in China and 15 offices in the international market such as US, Finland, UK, UAE, Sweden, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Malaysia, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand.

Glodon focuses on the entire lifecycle of construction projects and delivers first-class products and services to promote modernization and digitalization of the AEC industry.
Cubicost is a new brand of Glodon in the international market. Cubicost BIM suite is comprised of four individual BIM-based software products (TAS, TRB, TBQ, TME) that are focused on different needs of Quantity Surveying and 5D BIM Cost Management business. All these four products together virtually cover all general requirements in the engineering cost estimation and management business. Moreover, the BIM model and related data can be easily transferred between four products, bringing you the most professional, efficient and accurate BIM cost estimation and management experience.

As a BIM solution provider for cost estimation which is different from traditional methods, Cubicost enables data and model sharing among other popular software from upstream to downstream in the industry. Explore more from us, please visit .

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