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Glodon Indonesia at PT PP Digital Construction Day

As one of the prominent Digital Construction providers in Indonesia, Glodon was invited to attend Digital Construction Day, a biannual event for Digital Construction that was organized by PTPP, the largest Indonesian construction industry company. This event was held at Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta from 26 – 27 November 2019, featuring seminars, workshops, and a showcase of the latest digital construction technology, attended by the prominent construction professionals across the nation. Participation of Glodon in this event saw a major steps taken in Indonesian digital construction industry with the showcase of Glodon latest technology offerings for the Indonesian construction industry; such as MEP design solution MagiCAD, integrated solution for urban construction and management City Information Modelling CIM, project management system Gsite, platform to measure and search CAD drawings CADReader, and the BIM teaching tools VDP VR. Those aforementioned technologies will further strengthen Glodon BIM solution in Indonesia, which has been dominated by 5D BIM solution Cubicost in the past few years. 


Zhu Yali, the COO of Glodon Co. Ltd, had been one of the main speakers of the event with the topic as ‘Digital Construction Transformation in China’ on the 26th of November. His presence brings fresh insight on how a digital construction has been changing the Chinese construction industry and hopefully, can inspire Indonesian construction professionals to take a similar approach. 


At the second day of the event, Glodon also brings the insight of the latest BIM technologies through a series of workshop, ranging from the ubiquitous Cubicost that was presented by Alamsyah Reza Pradiyan, MEP wonder MagiCAD by Rajesh Sunkari and last but not least the breathtaking Gsite by Ega Kharisma, with Glodon Indonesia Service Manager Rano Adex Samosir as the moderator. 


Glodon has been one of the main digital construction provider in Indonesia, and the PTPP DCD 2019 has been a showcase of the willingness and commitment of Glodon to provide a solution for transforming the Indonesian digital construction technology towards a better future, through the platform, software, tools and also sharing of knowledge.


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