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Glodon Invites Indonesian Company Adhi Karya Come Into China

Glodon invited 13 leaders from Adhi Karya - an Indonesian company to Beijing to conduct a five-day study exchange and project visit with local enterprises.

The activity was designed to communicate the similarities and differences in BIM development and project application between China and Indonesia, and to form a strategic cooperation between two digital construction leaders. Also involving Beijing Urban Construction North Construction Co., Ltd. (UCNC), Truths Consulting and Beijing Urban Construction Group (BUCG) as well, the visit of Adhi Karya to China hoped to bring a revolution in both countries digital construction.


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3On 25th February, Nurkholid Widyapraja Mirza (Head of the BIM Center of Adhi Karya) together with his group visited UCNC. Zeng Hao (Head of the BIM Center) introduced UCNC’s BIM technology development, the application case of the BIM project, the formation of the BIM center as well as its achievements. Mirza had an in-depth communication as for the problems encountered by Adhi Karya during the formation of their BIM Center with the guests presented.

Chen Jing (Chairman of Truths Consulting) delivered a welcome speech to the visiting guests. Zheng Zhongsheng (Manager of the International Business Department) introduced the company and the actual application of BIM technology. Zhang Daping, the Vice Chairman of the Board, explained the lean construction management and how BIM has functioned in cost and schedule control. Liu Yang, director of the BIM Center, presented the company's current projects that had utilized BIM.

5-556On the second day, they went to visit one of BUCG project: Beijing City Construction Yatai Xinao Building Project Department. Cui Xinmei (Chief Engineer of Beijing Urban Construction Yatai Xinao Building Project) introduced the Xinao Building project, the basic application, innovative application of BIM technology and how the smart site has transformed the construction. Mirza said that 'the Beijing City Construction Yatai Xinao Building project, combining theory with practice, had properly applied the BIM technology and smart site system solution in the project, is helpful in reducing personnel costs, improving work efficiency, and shortening the work cycle for the future.'

Adhi Karya visit Glodon by March 27th, where they experience Glodon Digital Building Experience Hall, experiencing 3D naked eyes displaying digital architecture's future scene, the overall architecture and typical features of digital architecture. Business Expert Wang Maotang also explained them BIM technology, automation and energy-saving system in the construction process.


During communication session, Lou Chang (Marketing Manager of International Product Department) gave a detailed introduction to “Digital Architecture Concept” and “Glodon Ecology Concept”, explaining the idea that Glodon has used technology to make each project a success. HiveNEX implementation manager Li Wei, HiveNEX Product Manager Wu Wenbin, MEP Manager Hao Dagong, Cubicost Product Manager Cui Duo gave a detailed introduction on BIM5D, MagICAD, Cubicost, which was highly praised by Indonesian side.

A strategic cooperation signing ceremony was held by BIM Director and Indonesia Branch Manager, Shanks Fu to further expand the depth and breadth of cooperation between the two sides. Towards the end of the ceremony, on behalf of the two companies, Mr. Yan Arianto, Director of Adhi Karya Building Division  and Zhi Fei, Vice President of Glodon exchanged gifts to each other, symbolizing the long-standing friendship between Adhi Karya and Glodon.


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Adhi Karya’s business is involved in six major areas: construction, engineering procurement, construction, industry, real estate, investment, and hotels. It has three subsidiaries, Adhi Persada Properti, Adhi Persada Beton and Adhi Persada Gedung. In 2004, it became the first listed construction industry company in the Indonesia Stock Exchange.



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