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New Start, New Journey - Glodon and Indonesia PP PT Reached Strategic Cooperation

Cubicost new product launch conference was a complete success in Indonesia

Glodon Indonesia made a breakthrough in BIM (Building Information Modelling) world recently by launching the latest Cubicost in an event called Digital Construction: Revolution of BIM Cost Management. What makes the latest Cubicost extraordinary?

6. PP战略合作背景板

Cubicost is a whole process BIM Cost Management solution which can be used in quantity take off and cost estimating. Aiming at making cost management of Architecture-Structure easier and more accurate than ever, Cubicost TAS is designed as an avant-garde tool for the construction industry stakeholders to be faster, better and easier when doing cost management and modelling projects.


Along with that, the Glodon and PP PT build global partnership. PP PT is one of the companies which is engaged in planning and construction of buildings. It has played a very important role in the history of Indonesian construction industry. The global partnership between PP PT and Glodon marks the new era in the Indonesian construction industry, especially in the BIM sector. Glodon’s dedication to BIM Cost Management has earned trust from the Indonesia’s largest construction group and hopefully this partnership will spark the advancement in nation BIM sector like never before.

The BIM revolution has begun, are you on the list for Cubicost? Be a part of the nation’s digital construction change for the future!



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