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Glodon Product Launch 2021 – Further Empowering the Digitalization of Construction Industry Globally

The series of Glodon product launch events in Australia, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Middle East, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka and some other countries and regions were successfully held in March and April. Over 5000 industry professionals from top developers, consultants, contractors, universities and associations registered and 60% of them attended the launches online. Among them, nearly 70% of them stayed with us for more than one and a half hours. We hope that the official release of Glodon products --- TAS C-III, TRB C-III and TBQ C-III, will be the new era of digital cost management under the new norm of the pandemic unfolds.







Africa, Australia, India, Middle East, New Zealand, and Sri Lanka



Digital technologies are developing rapidly, and innovation has become the DNA of all industries. Radical changes happened to our lives and to the industry in the past year due to the pandemic. We are adapting to a new way of work and a New Normal. In order to serve a platform for constant developments that enables a new way of work under the New Normal by enabling easier integration of solutions in the market space and using BIM to make cost management easier, Glodon launched this new series of products. Glodon will continue to serve and care our customers and clients with more innovative products that integrate cutting-edge technology and industry application value.

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