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Glodon Cubicost has successfully organized the 1st Singapore BIM QS Contest. Focusing on Digital Transformation and utilizing that to increase productivity, the purpose of this contest is to raise awareness and build competency in using BIM technology in Singapore.

The Singapore BIM QS Contest started back in July 2019, we have received strong participation from Quantity Surveying professionals in the industry amounting to a total of forty-two teams varies from consultancy and contractor firms. Mr Andy Zhang, Managing Director of Glodon International highlighted “the purpose of this BIM contest is to raise awareness on the benefits of BIM technology and strengthening BIM competency in the AEC industry in Singapore”. The participating teams also shared that “the BIM contest is a great channel for them to understand their BIM software competency and level up their BIM skills to a higher level.”


Singapore BIM QS Contest 2019 Finalists' Photo

In the earlier two stages, teams were evaluated based on their BIM software competency and professional construction knowledge. After two rounds of competitive challenges, Top 10 outstanding teams joined the finals on 6th September at BCA Academy where the teams were further evaluated on their BIM modelling skills, quantity take-off accuracy and collaborative competencies. Despite the complexity of the project, it was remarkable that all the teams as a whole were outstanding, showcasing high-quality BIM models and high accuracy quantity take-off by using Cubicost TAS C software.



After careful examination and evaluation, we are proud to announce our Top 5 champion teams are here:

BIM Contest Top 5

Singapore BIM QS Contest 2019, Top 5 Winning Teams


Warmest congratulation to our winning teams on their great achievements! We would like to express our deepest appreciation towards the hard work of all participating teams as they were all technologically advanced, inspirational and outstanding.

The adoption of BIM technology is gradually transforming the AEC industry in Singapore and we are delighted to see the positive change towards greater BIM implementation. Embracing digital transformation with BIM Technology to drive business to greater success!


*The Singapore BIM QS Contest 2019 organized by Glodon International, supported by the Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers (SISV).

About Glodon & Cubicost
Glodon Company Limited was founded in 1998 in China and listed on the Shenzhen SME Board in May 2010. Glodon has around 4,500 employees at more than 50 branches in China and 15 offices in the international market such as US, Finland, UK, UAE, Sweden, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Malaysia, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand.

Glodon focuses on the entire lifecycle of construction projects and delivers first-class products and services to promote modernization and digitalization of the AEC industry.
Cubicost is a new brand of Glodon in the international market. Cubicost BIM suite is comprised of four individual BIM-based software products (TAS, TRB, TME, TBQ) that are focused on different needs of Quantity Surveying and 5D BIM Cost Management business. All these four products together virtually cover all general requirements in the engineering cost estimation and management business. Moreover, the BIM model and related data can be easily transferred between four products, bringing you the most professional, efficient and accurate BIM cost estimation and management experience.

As a BIM solution provider for cost estimation which is different from traditional methods, Cubicost enables data and model sharing among other popular software from upstream to downstream in the industry. Explore more from us, please visit www.cubicost.com .


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