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IR 4.0 driven RIBA Plan of Work for Construction Costing. Are you ready?

IR 4.0 also been knowing as Industrial 4.0 was discussed and defined as transformation of the industry due to the emergence of data and technology application. Whereas RIBA Plan of Work first introduced in 1963 as the framework of construction project processes.


Both are industrially important playing significant role that affecting the construction industry. Zoom in to construction project costing, we have seen in recent years these two terminologies have shown serious interest over the academic and industry professionals. In light of it, Glodon would also like to occupy the chance to share our thought on the IR 4.0 for RIBA Plan of Work in construction costing. 


Source: https://www.architecture.com/knowledge-and-resources/resources-landing-page/riba-plan-of-work

Glodon been in the industry since 1998 and started international business expansion since 2011, has now consolidated 10 to 20 years of construction industry costing experiences. The experiences are gained through feedback and understanding from the industrial practitioners, further improving the software functions. In the other word, we take tacit knowledge, process it, embed it into software functions. This makes the software greater with intelligent capabilities to carry works professionally. With the growing software possibilities, industrial practitioners make the most out of it, blend into their practices to be better benefitting their work executions. We see, guide, and assist industrial practitioners to make use of software functions, and summarize the uses as following picture.

Artboard 1RIBA of Plan of Work

Each and every RIBA work processes are associated with relevant Quantity Surveying (QS) practices. With the respective QS practice associate to relevant QS roles and their responsibilities. We here summarize the software application of Cubicost been practicing in the industry as the Cubicost Aided Processes.

From the summary we seen that nearly all the QS practices possible to integrate the use of software to empower better execution of the QS work tasks. This reflects to the IR 4.0 in terms of utilizing digital data and technology to empower and transform the work practices. Showing that construction project costing has taken initiative to make possible the integration of IR 4.0 into work practices as demonstrated with RIBA Plan of Work.

Digital transformation is inevitable, and it is happening now to those putting their firm performance at the very edge of the competition. Glodon has realize the theoretical framework to make the best use of digital technology and developed possible use of software application to make cope of it. Be partnering with Glodon to move forward in digital era is promising and bright.