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Why Glodon’s Digital Building formula legit? An empirical study reviews.

Earlier in 2019, Glodon proposed the formula for Digital Building transformation in the steps of 1 2 3. We claimed that there is an easy formula empowers every each construction firms to transform and embrace Industrial 4.0, Industrial Revolution 4.0 and Construction 4.0 in an easy, flexible way.

Digital Construction-Digitalized Workflow

The formula mainly formed by three key drivers which are digitization, connectivity, and intelligence. Digitization is an act that make available of digital form of data. First, we decompose environmental factors such as all involving elements, all processes, and all stakeholders and participants. Thru the decomposition, we identified various possibilities for digitization. For example, knowing the construction site personnel shall enter and egress the site thru a site gate where the site guard post available. Make possible of high-speed camera to capture and register the personnel entry at the site gate. This helps to make available of site entries in digital data.

Digitalized Workflow - AI WorkerSource: Glodon Artificial Intelligence system is detecting human movement in construction site

Digital data formation is only the very first step. Followed by internet connectivity that empower the data collected for synchronization over to whomever concern, in real-time. Research claimed that the very objective of information management is to make available the right information reaching the right person at the right time. With such research findings, we believe that internet connectivity provide ease for communication, streamlined data and information for timely exchanging, make available digital responses to reach and for decision making in rather expedite circumstances.

Last but not least, empowerment with intelligence. At this stage, the environmental factors are generally communicated in digital form, further been able to keep each stakeholder updated with the latest stats of work. Intelligence is blend in either in the form of artificial intelligent, explicit knowledge learning and application, or even tacit knowledge and experience. In Glodon, we believe that only thru the blend in of intelligence, the entire digital transformation may come to completeness.


Source:<a href="https://www.freepik.com/photos/robot-hand">Robot hand photo created by rawpixel.com - www.freepik.com</a>

With the digital formula 1 2 3, digital data collection, internet connectivity, and intelligence enablement, we “laundry” our current work practices, and embrace with digital transformation. The result of getting thru the digital formula helps to welcome the new production and new production chain. Enabling new approaches for design, construction and maintenance. Building up one ecosystem for better connectivity of various stakeholders.