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TARUC Cubicost Virtual Basic Training Workshop

We value our Future’s industry leaders in acquiring BIM knowledge. Glodon Malaysia has conducted a 5-days virtual Cubicost C-III Virtual Basic Training for TARUC Quantity Surveying student, from 25 Oct 2021 to 29 Oct 2021.

Figure 1 Sam is conducting the training to TARUC Quantity Surveying students

More than 300 students have participated this virtual training, and conducted by Sam Tan, service consultant from Glodon Malaysia. Throughout the 5 days training, Sam taught the skills in operating Cubicost C-III, including TAS C-III, TRB C-III and TBQ C-III. After the students attended the virtual training, they are required to take the evaluation from Glodon to ensure their knowledge and skills in operating Cubicost met the expectation.


Figure 2 Evaluation from Glodon Malaysia after the training

Throughout the training, Sam said: “BIM is a PROCESS that involves creating and using an intelligent 3D model to inform and communicate project decisions. So does the PROCESS to incorporate connected BIM in educational sector.” He also quoted that “Looking at the feedback from most of the TARUC students rated the workshop as Excellent, Meaningful, Thoughtful, I believe the PROCESS.

Figure 3 Sam Tan, Service Consultant of Glodon Malaysia

Chan Wai Kin, who is the President of TARUC QS Society also attended this training as well. After the training, he said that: “The more you learn, the more you want to learn, the more the world becomes more interesting to you, and discovering it becomes more fun.” “The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity” is his overall complement. 

Figure 4 Chan, the President of TARUC Quantity Surveying

Besides, Ts. Tan Lea Koon, the lecturer from TARUC also commented that “You are never too late to learn something new "Cubicost" and allow yourself to be a beginner. Allow yourself to be a beginner and never too late to learn Cubicost.”


About Glodon & Cubicost

GLODON is a leading Digital Building Platforms and Services provider in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) industry, which has been dedicated to providing whole building lifecycle digital solutions for customers since 1998, and has become TOP 5 high-tech enterprises in the field of AEC industry informatization and digitalization in the world.

Glodon Company Limited was founded in 1998 in China and listed on the Shenzhen SME Board in May 2010. Glodon has around 5,000 employees at more than 50 branches in China and 15 offices in the international market such as US, Finland, UK, UAE, Sweden, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Malaysia, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand.

Glodon focuses on the entire lifecycle of construction projects and delivers first-class products and services to promote modernization and digitalization of the AEC industry.
Cubicost is a new brand of Glodon in the international market. Cubicost BIM suite is comprised of four individual BIM-based software products (TAS, TRB, TBQ, TME) that are focused on different needs of Quantity Surveying and 5D BIM Cost Management business. All these four products together virtually cover all general requirements in the engineering cost estimation and management business. Moreover, the BIM model and related data can be easily transferred between four products, bringing you the most professional, efficient and accurate BIM cost estimation and management experience.

As a BIM solution provider for cost estimation which is different from traditional methods, Cubicost enables data and model sharing among other popular software from upstream to downstream in the industry. Explore more from us, please visit .

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