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Cubicost Global Product Launch Event 2019 – Hong Kong Station Brought a Successful Close

Cubicost Product Launch Event 2019 – Hong Kong Station was successfully held on 15 Mar at Grand Harbour Kowloon. Over 200 construction industry peers from not only government & departments & institutions, but also top developers, consultants and contractors attended the event35% of them is directors and 50% is managers.It was a milestone which labeled the success of developing the re-invented product – Cubicost —during past few years. There were informative presentations from Cubicost experts sharing their views on BIM, digital construction and Cubicost developments.

 Cubicost Product Launching Speeches

IMG_0255Mr. Jack Zhang, Managing Director of Cubicost R&D Department, delivered his pioneering view on global digital construction and BIM development trend. He raised the barriers of global AEC industry development and slow productivity increasing trends could not meet the greatly increasing demand, which coincidentally match with the concerns of Hong Kong Government’s consulting document – Construction 2.0. He suggested digital transformation will be the most suitable way to change construction industries’ circumstances in order to boost productivity. He also suggested BIM, which is a fundamental technology of digital construction, should now be promoted in a greater extent.


IMG_0354Mr. Justin Bong, Senior BIM Manager of Cubicost, shared his expertise knowledge in BIM after Jack’s speech. During past four years, Justin has analyzed over 500 BIM models from variety of countries and regions, and publish an over 200 pages BIM Modelling Standard Analysis. Based on his fruitful experiences, he pinpointed how BIM impacts on Quantity Surveyors’ practices with worldwide BIM standards and specification requirements to QS. Apart from QS BIM, he also shared project references in Singapore with Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) and how to perform MiC measurement in Cubicost. It was a valuable information as Hong Kong is going to promote the adoption of MiC.


IMG_0444Ms. May Huang, Project Director of Cubicost R&D Department, introduced the whole ‘story’ of Cubicost. She demonstrated the reason why Cubicost should be re-invented and some new and smart features of Cubicost. The new platform now supports more measurement trades more: improving the current measurement efficiency for concrete, formwork and rebar and even covers the measurement requirement of finishing, steel structure and Revit BIM Model. Also, she shows the great improvement and the difference comparing with the old Cubicost Platform. Finally, she express appreciation to all the pioneers of this new platform and attendees who will collaborate with Glodon for digital transformation. Attendees are greatly interested with the function in detail and some of them hope Glodon could provide the on-site demonstration for their colleagues about this new technology.


Besides, this event also invited two special guests from RICS who we want to mention specially: Will Myles, Regional Managing Director (Asia Pacific) and Pierpaolo Franco, Managing Director (Greater China). In 2018, Glodon has signed the strategic collaboration agreement with RICS to promote digital quantity survey solution in global area. Even though, they have the RICS annual dinner to attend on the same day, they take time to join Cubicost event since they believed that Cubicost will have re-shape the quantity survey industry.



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