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Re-Engineering BIM Cost Management: Glodon Malaysia Unveiled New Cubicost

On 21st March, Glodon Malaysia successfully held the launch ceremony of New Cubicost at Sime Darby Convention Centre (SDCC) with the presence of over 700 participants, comprised of representatives from various professional bodies such as BQSM, RISM, RICS, BSI, BIM Institute of Malaysia and BuildingSMART Malaysia as well as experienced Cubicost users. Academia from various institutions were also present to give support to the event. During the event, informative presentations were conducted by Cubicost experts; sharing their views on BIM, digital construction, and the New Generation of Cubicost. Besides of revealing the New Cubicost, Glodon Malaysia has also revealed their big announcement on the new generation of Glodon Service and the launching of BIM Contest 2019.


Launching of New Cubicost

VAn opening video, entitled “Digital Construction”, emphasizing on the theme of digital revolution was shown at the start of the event followed by a welcome speech given by Victor Lee, Country Director of Glodon Malaysia, greeting all guests and sharing about the journey of Cubicost in the Malaysian market since 2012. With the continued support of the local industry, Glodon Malaysia now has more than 350 clients using Cubicost and its services across Malaysia; more than 2100 Cubicost licenses have been sold and whilst having more than 3000 Cubicost users in the market.

MUS_5771The event continued with the first keynote speech by Jack Zhang, Managing Director of Glodon International Product Department, who shared his views on digital construction and technology trends. In his speech, he stressed that Glodon’s focus has always been on providing cutting-edge technology & solutions to all of the key industry players and to enable successful application in the BIM era. With this goal, Glodon has strived to provide the best product by providing continuous updates following the requirements and feedback from the Cubicost community. That is where Glodon Costing Solution was rebranded and thus began the re-engineering process in 2016. The new generation products were developed with three key aspects: Intelligent, Visual, and Interconnected.

MUS_5808Along with the product launching video, Mr. Amirul Izzat, Cubicost Product Expert continued with his speech entitled ‘Digital Quantity Takeoff’ which focuses on the new generation of Cubicost TAS C. The presentation emphasizes on the 3 aspects in the re-engineering of TAS C with in-depth details. The stage was then passed to Mr. Myke Ong, National Product Manager of Glodon Malaysia, to talk about the new generation of TBQ C and demonstrate on how the new TBQ C could help users in preparing and managing bill of quantities (BQ) more professionally and intelligently.

MUS_5849Along with the re-engineering process, there were 120 Cubicost Frontiers involved in the validation process whom diligently gave their full support in the delivery of New Cubicost. Glodon Malaysia invited Mr. Phillip Tan, from Perunding Kos T & K Sdn Bhd (PKT) to share his experience with Cubicost, as PKT was one of the earliest Cubicost users in Malaysia ever since Cubicost reached the Malaysian shore. The event then continued with the presentation of memorabilia to all Cubicost Frontiers; it was presented by 4 representatives from Glodon i.e. Jack Zhang (Managing Director of Glodon International Product Department), Ethan Qiu (Managing Director of International Business Development Department, Victor Lee (Country Director of Glodon Malaysia) and May Huang (Cubicost Product Director).


MUS_5865Next up, the new generation of Glodon Malaysia Service was unveiled by Eric Lee, Senior Service Consultant. Eric took the wrap off Glodon Malaysia’s official website ( to the participants and emphasized the features of the website where users could effortlessly register for trainings, getting an overview of the training syllabus and exploring the knowledge base section. Glodon Malaysia also took the opportunity to launch BIM Contest 2019 during the event. The registration for the contest is opened to the participants on the spot, offering 3 categories for participation: consultant, contractor as well as university. The event will take place from April to August 2019 where the qualified finalists will compete head to head for glory and attractive prizes.

In summary, it is evident from this recently concluded launch ceremony that Glodon is expanding rapidly in Malaysia and has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in providing digital construction solution to the AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) industry. As such Glodon hopes to accelerate its momentum in providing the best BIM costing solution for the industry, achieving its mission of making every construction project successful by maximizing value for clients.


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