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Empowering Efficiency: China Construction's Success with 5D BIM

In the advanced world of construction, China Construction Fourth Engineering Division stands out as a prominent name, renowned for its commitment to construction excellence. Their latest project, "M-Apartment," a striking 18-floor residential complex with 4 basement levels, presented several unique challenges. Internally, the company faced challenges predominantly related to user development, which ultimately led to a productive collaboration with Glodon.

The Challenges Faced

China Construction Fourth Engineering Division was no stranger to the challenges of user development when adopting new technologies. To address this, they initiated a strategic collaboration with Glodon. Private training sessions and an internal Cubicost competition were organised to expedite user development, enhancing the organization's capabilities.

The M-Apartment project encountered complexities due to frequent design revisions and the need to coordinate designs between architectural and structural drawings. Overcoming these hurdles was critical for a smooth and efficient construction process. The construction team had to find a suitable method to prevent any damage to existing structures while working in the limited workspace.



Key Feature Highlights

China Construction Fourth Engineering Division discovered that Cubicost Solutions offered the perfect remedy to their challenges. They highlighted the following favourite features and the corresponding benefits:

TAS Logo 2-1 Segmentation: This feature significantly improved progress tracking and claim processes. The colour-coding enhanced reporting, replacing manual paperwork and reducing the risk of data loss.

TAS Logo 2-1 Identify Drawing: With the ability to quickly build models from CAD/PDF vectors, it streamlined the modelling process.

TAS Logo 2-1 Revision: The revision feature proved invaluable in accurately summarising volume differences.

TRB-3-2-2 Rebar Data Check: This feature helped minimise errors during data input.

TRB-3-2-2 Rebar Visualisation: Providing a visual cross-check for calculations, this feature enhanced precision.

TRB-3-2-2 Calculation Rules: Adjustable rules based on consultant standards allowed for fine-tuning and compliance.

TBQ Logo 2-1 Collaborative Environment: With the complexity of numerous items in BQ, collaborative capabilities streamlined processes.

TBQ Logo 2-1 Linking Quantity: The ability to link quantity data with TAS and TRB simplified the generation of BQ from the model and eased reverse checks.

Benefits Gained

Using Cubicost Solutions delivered various advantages to the China Construction Fourth Engineering Division:

  1. Streamlined Design Revisions: Timely revision and design changes in modelling. 

  2. Enhanced Data Management: Effective data recording and documentation for audit and progress control.

  3. Efficient Milestone Resolution: Simplified identification and resolution of milestones, drawing revisions, and changes.

  4. Improved Project Economic Activity: Enhanced project economic activity efficiency in terms of creation, evaluation, and control.

Implementation Journey with Glodon’s Guidance 

Guidance from the experienced Glodon Customer Success team was instrumental in helping the China Construction Fourth Engineering Division handle complex projects efficiently. Their strategy-oriented approach improved the modelling process.

Basic training, an on-demand video platform, and tutorials provided by the Customer Success team eased Cubicost Solutions adoption. These resources enhanced the team's proficiency in using the software.


Customer Testimonial

China Construction Fourth Engineering Division had a positive experience with the responsive and caring Customer Success team. The team's support was instrumental in driving the successful implementation of Cubicost Solutions.

In the words of Marceline Adriani and Christina Desika, Quantity Surveyors at China Construction Fourth Engineering Division, "Glodon's Customer Success Consultant who's in charge of our team is very responsive and cares for us."

The M-Apartment project showcases the transformational power of Cubicost Solutions in managing complex construction challenges efficiently. It underscores the critical role of supportive customer services in ensuring a successful implementation. China Construction Fourth Engineering Division, with its commitment to innovation and collaboration, stands at the forefront of the construction industry, driving excellence with advanced technology.


About 68 Systems & Project Engineering Pte Ltd

ID China Con 4th-logo China Construction Fourth Engineering Division, a distinguished leader in the construction industry, is known for its unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence. Specialising in complex projects and a wide range of construction endeavours, they have consistently delivered outstanding results. With a vision of embracing cutting-edge technology and a team of dedicated professionals, China Construction Fourth Engineering Division continues to drive progress and set new standards in the construction field.

Collaboration Event: Glodon & China Construction Forth Engineering Division


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