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Unveiling Excellence: Vizione Builder's Cubicost 5D BIM Success Story

Embarking on a construction journey like no other, Vizione Builder Sdn Bhd stands out as an innovator committed to achieving excellence through digitalisation. Their ongoing project, featuring a unique blend of a 3-storey Superlink Villa and a 24-storey Condo, unfolds across 28 floors and 130,000 square meters.

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Challenges Faced

The project encountered several distinctive challenges, including the complexity of a unique structure, the integration of both Superlink and Condo elements, and the intricate coordination of numerous PT components. These hurdles required innovative solutions to ensure successful project execution. On a broader organisational level, Vizione Builder faced its own set of challenges, primarily stemming from the use of traditional construction methods. Adapting to new technologies posed a significant hurdle, reflecting the industry's transition towards more advanced approaches. Furthermore, the company grappled with time constraints, emphasising the need for streamlined processes and efficient solutions to overcome these obstacles.

Facing these challenges head-on, Vizione turned to Cubicost's TAS, TRB, and TBQ products for a transformative solution.


Favourite Cubicost Features

The project's success is attributed to Cubicost's feature-rich capabilities, with a particular focus on:

TAS Logo 2-1 Auto-identify for Floor Layout: Simplifies the identification of floor layouts, enhancing project management efficiency.

TBQ Logo 2-1 Auto-identify for BQ: Streamlining the Bill of Quantities process for unparalleled efficiency.

TAS Logo 2-1TRB-3-2-2 Modelling: Offers a comprehensive modelling solution for a holistic approach to construction planning.


Benefits Unleashed by Cubicost

Implementing Cubicost ushered in a wave of benefits for Vizione:

  • Speeding up the BQ Process: The automation significantly expedited the Bill of Quantities process.

  • Accelerating Measurement: Automated identification and measurement of square meters reduced manual effort and improved accuracy.

  • Efficient Modelling: The software's modelling capabilities facilitated a seamless and efficient construction planning process.
Benefits of 5D BIM-Customer Success Story-Vizione Builder


5D BIM Implementation Journey Guided by the Experts

Vizione's implementation journey with Cubicost was navigated under the expert guidance of the Customer Success Team. Immediate problem-solving and user support were prioritised, ensuring a smooth learning curve for the new technology.

The implementation was further eased by personalised project guidance and training. The team provided hands-on training sessions and assessments to ensure users grasped the software's functionalities effectively.


Customer Testimonial

satisfied client testimonial-Glodon Cubicost 5D BIM

Alex Chai, Contract Manager at Vizione, commended the team's responsiveness and helpfulness. He stated, "The whole team, which we are now familiar with, is very helpful, friendly and responsive. No matter what issue arises, most of the time, it is resolved immediately or in a short period."

Vizione's success story with Cubicost stands as a testament to the power of technology in overcoming construction challenges. Through a commitment to innovation and efficiency, Vizione is reshaping the construction landscape and setting new standards for excellence.


About Vizione Builder Sdn Bhd

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Vizione Builder Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary of Vizione Holdings Berhad, a publicly listed company on Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad. Specialising in property development and construction, they aim to foster innovation, deliver sustainable returns, and provide excellent service. With a commitment to quality, they focus on achieving at least 70 points of customer satisfaction and completing projects within contractual time frames. Their green initiatives underscore our dedication to environmental responsibility.


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