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China Construction YangTze River's Triumph in 5D BIM Transformation

In the ambitious CCC project, undertaken by China Construction Yangtze River (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (CCYR-M), faced unique challenges, including irregular shapes and a tight timeline. Cubicost's TAS and TRB solutions, deployed across 60 floors and 503,105.17 sqft, played a pivotal role in navigating these complexities.


Challenges Faced

The project presented complicated challenges requiring innovative solutions. Irregular shapes demanded detailed designs, adding complexity to the construction process. Tight timelines intensified the challenge, necessitating a meticulous approach to adhere to strict schedules. 

On a broader scale, CCYR-M faced its own set of challenges, including integrating newcomers into 5D BIM solutions and addressing doubts regarding the interpretation of territorial drawings. These dual challenges underscored the need for careful planning, thoughtful solutions, and a proactive (anticipatory and forward-thinking) mindset to ensure successful project execution.


Favourite Cubicost Features

Despite these challenges, Cubicost's features such as Segmentation and Reversely Check Model, became the pillars of success for project CCC.

TAS Logo 2-1 Segmentation for Sub-Contracting: Streamlining processes, this feature aids in efficient project management by separating quantities for different contracts or gangs.

TAS Logo 2-1 Reversely Check Model: Ensuring a transparent workflow, this feature allows checkers to trace the origin of quantities seamlessly, promoting accuracy.

Benefits Gained from Using Cubicost Solutions
The implementation of Cubicost brought forth tangible benefits for CCYR-M:

  • Consistent Estimation
    Cubicost Solutions' standardised processes and templates ensured that cost estimation and quantity take-off were not only consistent but also compliant with industry standards. This contributed significantly to maintaining data integrity.

  • Real-time Cost Control
    The solutions’ ability to track expenses and changes in real-time empowered CCYR-M to manage budgets effectively, providing a crucial edge in the construction industry.

Glodon’s Role in CCYR-M's 5D BIM Implementation Journey

The 5D BIM implementation journey with Glodon was characterised by a structured and supportive approach. The Customer Success Team played a crucial role in providing onboarding and training sessions designed to guide CCYR-M through the integration process. Recognising the diverse linguistic landscape, a customised Mandarin training program was implemented, effectively easing the learning curve for CCYR-M's team.

Adding a personalised touch to the training, sessions were conducted in Mandarin, supplemented by English software support to ensure comprehensive understanding. The acknowledgement goes to Ts Sam Tan, whose recommendation of Cubicost proved instrumental in facilitating a seamless implementation journey for CCYR-M. This strategic combination of structured guidance, customised language support, and personalised training highlights Glodon's commitment to ensuring the successful adoption of Cubicost solutions within the unique context of CCYR-M's operations.


Customer Testimony

Customer Success Story (1)-1

"The Glodon Customer Success team proactively reached out, checking progress, answering questions, and offering assistance. Their dedication significantly contributed to our positive experience with Glodon." - Wang Yong Hong, Contracts & Commercial.

CCYR-M's success story with Cubicost is a testament to the transformative power of digital construction. Through challenges and triumphs, CCYR-M has set new standards in the construction landscape, showcasing the potential of technology to drive excellence in the industry.

About China Construction Yangtze River (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

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China Construction Yangtze River (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (CCYR-M), a China Coal Technology Engineering Group (CCTEG) subsidiary, established in 2013, excels in various construction domains. Awarded for safety excellence, CCYR-M achieved a work value of 1.2 billion MYR in 2022, embodying the spirit of "Striving to be the first."
Inheriting the CSR-EXCELLENCE IN SAFETY CONSTRUCTION, CCYR-M envisions further prosperity in Malaysia and the Asia Pacific region, setting new industry standards with their commitment to excellence.



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