Glodon Indonesia's Five Highlights from Indonesia Construction Conference Construction 4.0

Glodon Indonesia sponsoring ‘Indonesia Construction Conference Construction 4.0: The Wake-Up Call in Construction Industry’ that was held at 30th April in Hotel Mulia, Senayan, Jakarta. CUserswangyp-cPicturesSaved Pictures印尼建筑4.0大会2

Glodon is one of the companies that has been dedicating itself in the revolution of AEC industry by digitizing the construction industry through implementation of BIM since 2008, and that’s why we are keen to sponsoring an industry 4.0 event in construction industry that aligns with our views, principles and goals. In this event, we brought the Cubicost TRB – TASC and showed how the BIM will transform the old construction process into a more efficient and effective digitized one. The introduction of the two sorts of softwares impressed the visitors with how technology will change their construction process in the future.

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Along with Glodon Indonesia, several global construction stakeholders also took part, such as Boston Consulting Group, Taylor Thomson Whitting, Floth, Howden, Monnit, Wijaya Karya and Driver Trett. This event marked a milestone in Indonesian construction industry, and here are why:

  1. Minister of Public Works and Housing Participation 

When His Excellency came into the venue to deliver a speech, everyone knew this event would be one of the most important events to be held this year, for there were a lot of multinational experts and companies in the construction industry took part in the event. 

  1. Multinational Scale

With speakers came from Asia-Pacific countries such as Australia and South Korea, this event had a multinational nature and brought a lot of new insights which are different from those currently exist in Indonesia, especially regarding the digitizing of the construction industry.

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  1. BIM as a Hallmark of Construction Industry

Few years ago BIM in Indonesia was viewed as a new revolutionary concept, now it has been one of the main topics that everyone talks about. Soon BIM will be a mandatory in Indonesian construction industry and this event highlighted what the future will be.CUserswangyp-cPicturesSaved Pictures印尼建筑4.0大会3

  1. Going 4.0!

The evolution of industry 4.0 has been the hallmark of Indonesian industry – and now it starts to be applied to the construction industry as well. It is hoped that the construction industry start to implement the IoT principles to enhance the effectiveness and keep its pace with other industries.

  1. 500+

With more than 500 attendants, the event attracted a lot of construction industry stakeholders that ranged from construction companies to educational bodies. They are keen to understand the Construction 4.0, especially how this concept will be included in their industry and changing their life afterwards.

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Glodon Indonesia is proud to be a part of the construction stakeholders that trigger changes in how the construction moves itself towards the future. We are looking for a digitalized construction that will be more effective, more efficient and greener for the environment.

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