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Civil Engineering students from INTI International University &Colleges came to Xi’an Smart Construction site to conduct a half-day study tour on 22nd May


rganized by Dr.Lee Hoong Pin, lecturer from the Faculty of Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics at INTI, the group of 9 INTI students’ half-day study tour in Xi’an Smart Construction site was designed to learn and communicate on how Glodon has utilized the smart digital platform to manage and facilitate the building process. The Xi’an smart construction is located in the north-central part of Weiyang District, close to Xi'an North Station, and will be built into a leading international smart product research & development and industrialization base. This project marks the first domestic digital architecture built in China using the whole life cycle digital construction theory. While the project is completed, it will become one of the largest information technology enterprises and technology R&D and innovation bases in Xi'an. It would also become an eye-catching application case on digital lifecycle technology and concept within industry, and a model and benchmark for a new type of future building in the country and the world.


微信图片_20190524111300Li Wei , project manager of Xi’an Smart Construction, delivered a welcome speech to the visiting students. Along with an opening video to Glodon’s main line of construction business, Wei further introduced smart construction with Xi’an digital construction building in details.

“Xi’an digital construction building is to be designed as an all-year green building (with 35% greening rate covered within the building, on wall and ceiling), with a 2,000-square-meter atrium space of controllable temperature and humid. It is a perceptual building which is with automatic curtain and lighting, and can achieve working station reservation and parking space recognition. With solar panels, rain and heat collected system, the building can help to reduce non-renewable energy consumption and control carbon emissions.”----introduced by Wei

Wei continued explaining the application system used in Xi’an smart construction project—“it includes 6 modules, from production control, material checking, quality and safety management, BIM construction to dust monitoring. By utilizing BIMFACE of Glodon, we can browse model on web-side and check building model information.”

beauty_20190522111609INTI students expressed their curiousness towards the dust monitoring and raised several questions towards the management process. “By enabling our students to participate in such study tour, we have an in-depth understanding to the benefits brought by technologies owned by Glodon from production management to dust monitoring in domestic.”--- Concluded Lee.




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