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Go Digital: Revolution of BIM Cost Management Cubicost New Product Launch 29th March 2019 Singapore | JW Marriott

GO DIGITAL – Revolution of BIM Cost Management, was the key topic of event that seen over 350 QS within the fraternity of Singapore in good participation. The event addressed the notion of Digital BIM trends, implementations and case sharing with fellow QSs in the profession. It also showcased Glodon’s New Generation of Cubicost & its strengthened developments that is coded intelligently; specifically to enhance and increase both productivity and efficiency during QS QTO & Cost Management Process.


Since 2017, Singapore government has also been progressively encouraging every industry to move towards digitalization. With the recent launch of IDD plans for widespread integrated digital delivery throughout its life cycle, companies and industry professionals are exploring different IDD solutions, especially BIM technology, to integrate their current workflows to further improve their productivity and efficiency.

Glodon Singapore successfully launched Cubicost New Generation held at JW Marriot on the 29th March 2019. The event received strong responses from professionals in various departments within the local industry with more than 350 industry professionals whom graced the event that we have prudently planned for. In our midst we welcomed Developers and Clients, QS consultants, Contractors, members of SISV and SCAL, and Academic Institutions to celebrate with us on this milestone of GLODON’s technological breakthrough that is set to spice up the competition. The opportune time is NOW!


3-3333334Mr. Joel Ong, Director (Business Dept.) the host of the day, got the show going right on time! An exuberant welcome that jolted the guest in great anticipation and excitement for what it is to come. All through the event, guest speakers who are QS by profession in the AEC sector and Cubicost product technical experts shared their views towards the implementation and adoption of digitization in their designated field of work within the construction industry. Accepting advanced technologies, method and skills that can be applied throughout the construction life cycle through a single BIM Cost Management platform. Product specialists also demonstrated the new enhancements, breakthrough research and developments to Cubicost New Generation product modules.

4Mr. Andy Zhang, Managing Director of Glodon International, touched on the contextual growth of Glodon Singapore; how Glodon is determined to address the current trends and needs of the AEC industry through its constant developments in sync with the efforts and contributions made to the industry specific since its establishment in Singapore in year 2011. Supporting industry professions in achieving automation in terms of cost information management, and 5D BIM integrated digital delivery throughout the whole life cycle. I quote: “Therefore, shouldn’t we embrace the new technology and be inquisitive in utilizing such technologies in our daily practice, so that we can get an edge on others in our business.”

5-557Mr. Eugene Seah, Senior Director, Special Projects (Group CEO’s office) of Surbana Jurong, delivered his speech on Digital BIM Trend for the QS Profession. In comparison to the old practices of quantifying traditionally, he shared how going digital would ease the pain of computing data manually for cost management. He also highlighted the values of Cubicost and urged the audience who have yet to join the uprising trend of going digital to embark in BIM technology for their project life cycle to explore with Glodon’s solutions.

13_副本_副本Mr. Justin Bong, Chief BIM (Technical Engineer) and Senior Product Expert brought the audience further in understanding on WHY we developed, WHAT we developed, THE WAY Cubicost is developed, for the developing digital construction industry. Intelligence, Visualization and Interconnection that will gain an edge among the QS fraternities. Combining the BIM Model platform and the cost management platform, helps to realize the quantity and price interconnectivity. Similarly to the concept of Digital Twin, digital model is a requirement & is vital in order to provide enhance visualization and expectation, to reduce risk & error before actual physical construction. To improve the collaboration and work efficiency among teams in a project, information and data need to flow in connectivity downstream and upstream. We believe that a good product should enable data and information to be shared, in an interconnected environment, throughout the project life cycle. With the Cubic representing Model and Cost representing the cost estimation, the slogan presented to the creation of Cubicost - Make Everything Count!


Mr. Jason Wong, Senior Service Consultant and Product Specialist from Glodon Singapore demonstrated the New Generation Modules of Cubicost. The presentation encircled in three main points of which Justin had earlier introduced: Intelligence – identification and drawing importation enhancements from different file platforms, Visualization - with the advance internal algorithm, the elements to the 3 dimensional visualization cost model will be generated intelligently and Interconnection - in relation to about how modelling data information can be shared and utilized in different stages; of which Jason dwelled deeper and expounded on the new enhancements and capabilities of Cubicost products. For example, Pre-fabrication module which is highly demanded for Singapore local projects, takes Cubicost to a new height. In addition, with the Inter-Link function between Cubicost platform asserted, Cubicost is moving towards its new-era with its achievement of data collaboration ability.

Over the last year, we have tested and corroborated on 213 actual projects with 120 company before Cubicost New Generation makes it's official release. Valuable feedbacks from our respected frontiers contributed to the research and developmental stages in taking Cubicost to a higher standpoint.

Glodon International interviewed users from CMC Construction Pte. Ltd, Straits Construction Pte. Ltd, Penta Ocean Construction Company Limited and Ho lee Construction Pte. Ltd to learn about their experience with Cubicost during testing phase. A testimonial video was broadcasted in acknowledgement to their personal experience during operation.


Ms. Catherine Ng, QS in Penta Ocean’s tender department has been in the profession for 9.5 years till date. Catherine also shared her own working experience with Glodon Singapore team when Penta Ocean made its decision to invest in Cubicost after rounds of comparison with various vendors in the market. She added that the values cubicost has in its developments was a great differential point during our consideration. “My personal experience with Cubicost encompassing its new features, functions and uplifted interface that aids me to complete my project tender with a great amount of benefits. It is much faster as compared to their older version, improved interface which is made easy to use, and created beautifully.”

9Mr. Forbes Seah, a Quantity Surveyor from Straits Construction and is in the profession well over 5 years till date. By adopting Cubicost BIM quantification and Cost Management platform, it has changed how he manages data and has improved his workflow.  Forbes also share with fellow QSs on the process of Model based Quantity take off based on his own experiences. “After all, it is the understanding that technology is here to help make QS work processes much more efficient. It is not all automatic and will require a QS in profession to determine the result required. Choosing the right software to implement reduces my time in quantification and eliminates double handling work requirements, thus allowing me to have a better time management in the process of my daily work.”

Words are simply not enough to bring forth the gratitude to Cubicost frontiers, Die-hard Fans, and esteem partners in embracing Cubicost. And for Glodon to be of service in humility to the great team. Mr. Jack Zhang – Managing Director and Ms. May Huang - Product Director of Glodon Company: International Product Dept., presented the appreciation award to companies who are frontiers in DIGITAL BIM TECHNOLOGY ADOPTION and in recognition of the company’s unwavering support and contribution to the R&D with Cubicost, Cubicost New Generation. Total 18 companies have received the awards.



Mr. Andy Zhang and Ms. Stacey Huang – Glodon Singapore Head of Service & Product Dept. also present the awards to 10 Digital BIM Specialists in recognition of their out-standing achievements in advanced Digital BIM Quantification and Cost Management with Cubicost.

As the crowd anticipates the unveiling of the New Generation, Mr. Jack Zhang, Ms. May Huang, Mr. Andy Zhang, and Mr. Joel Ong together with Cubicost Frontiers, Mr. Forbes Seah, Ms. Catherine Ng, Ms. Tan Jiok Cheng, and Ms. Voon Li Li officially launch of Cubicost New product.

Before the crowd was dispersed to network over lunch, the host also publically announced the first BIM QS contest to fellow QSs and cubicosters . Registration will be open from 29th March to 30th June 2019. It consist of 3 Parts: BIM QS Knowledge Quiz in July. Pre-Qualifiers and the finals in the month of August 2019. The champion, first and second runner-up will be announced at the end of august with cash prizes to vie for.


All in all, the success was made possible by all participants who came in great support. They enjoyed the opportunity to mingle with friends within the industry over lunch reception. Participants also feedback to the team that there have never been any similar activities for QS in such grandeur. They also learned from the professionals that turned the sharing into an erudite discussion and provoke in thought digitalization of the QS profession is imperceptibly happening and changing the industry.



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