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Harnessing The Power of Cubicost BIM-based Solution - Accelerate Your QTO Process

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In recent years, many AEC organizations worldwide have embraced Advanced Digital Solution - BIM (Building Information Modelling) Technology and are bringing the new innovations into their project life-cycle. However, the AEC industry has yet to fully reap the full benefits of BIM Technology.

May 2020, Glodon Singapore held a series of Complementary Live Webinars to shed light on how to better leverage BIM-based solution to enhance team collaboration and achieve better results particularly for the QS profession during their Quantification and Cost Analysis workflow.

The Live Webinar Series received strong responses from the professionals within the local construction industry from Developers, QS Consultants, Contractors and Academic Institutions with more than 1300 industry professionals whom joined our tailored webinars. Our Live Webinars have been held on a weekly basis with customized themes that tailored for specific group of AEC professionals. As we believed that a weekly webinar, with expert advice and a live Q&A session for the participants, was the best way to address the challenges and aim to provide them with valuable and relevant guidance

In association with the Live Webinars, Glodon Singapore has been constantly striving hard to provide suitable, practical and advanced digital solutions to help AEC firms accelerate their efforts towards the digital transformation. This digital transformation will bring about benefits such as improving collaboration between stakeholders, improving project efficiency, minimizing costly rework, and delivering smarter buildings.

Missed out our Live Webinars? View our On-demand Webinars at your convenience, simply click on the webinars below!

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About Glodon Company

Established in 1998, Glodon Company Limited was listed on A-share market in May 2010 in China, taking the spot as No.1 Technology and Software Provider for the AEC Industry in China and ranked Top 5 globally for the same sector. With more than 7,000 employees and over 70 branches around the world, providing services to AEC professionals in over 100 countries and regions.

About Glodon Singapore 

Glodon Singapore has always been operating based on Customer Orientated and Professional Services since our humble beginning in 2011. To ensure the end users really benefit from the investment and the application, Glodon Singapore has been always strive hard to provide suitable, practical and advanced digital solutions to help AEC firms accelerate their efforts towards the digital transformation.

Hotline:+65 65671648  l  Whatsapp:+65 91016197  l Email: marketing-sg@global.glodon.com

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