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Now and Future: How Digital Construction is Changing Your Work

On June 3rd, our webinar series - Now and Future: How Digital Construction is Changing Your Work, was successfully conducted with the intention to share insight about digital construction to practitioners. Participants comprising of more than 1000 quantity surveyors, estimators, engineers and project managers from over 20 countries attended the session.


Positive feedback from the attendants

Attendants rated 8.8/10 on the satisfaction and understandability of the entire event. We can see the market is getting more recognition on these technologies. Adopting new tools is no stranger to them. Other than that, 85% participants think these solutions can help their works and 79% is willing to adopt it in their works within the year.

Highlights on 4 Experts’ opinions

In this event, we are pleased to have the founder & director of BIM House Global, MRICS, Mr. Prateek Singhal be the first guest speaker. He shared some insight towards the current situation in regards how the pandemic is and will affect the industry. In his opinions, digital technology is the key to maintaining and improving the core competence to the practitioners in each of their respective field


Following his session was the managing director of Glodon India, Mr. Frank Cui, whom shared his point of view on digital construction. As BIM is getting more common and ideas and possibilities are popping out from the industry, BIM will enable practitioners to keep up with the advancement of industry. 3D will provide geometric and quantity information; 4D allows progress of works to be monitored, 5D gives costing data to the project, among others. The boundary of works between parties in a project is also getting fuzzier, hence we will have to adapt to new workflow, or be left behind. Meanwhile interconnectivity of tasks is becoming more and more important.


Lastly, Glodon channel technical manager, Mr. Eric Lee and Glodon Malaysia BQ expert Mr. Tan Kwan Lim jointly showed how BIM QS would be like. Quantity takeoff will no longer be a tough task for QS, because the data are linked to the model and cost manage platform. Costing works are getting much more precise and efficient while the data is interconnected.


Rising Trend in Adopting BIM In The Works

According to statistic, although the industry is affected by the pandemic, the request for BIM and digital tech is rising. Companies and practitioners seize the opportunities to learn and implement BIM into their projects. After the webinar, there are more than 100 attendants made further demo appointment to Glodon BIM QS solutions. All of them would get the priority to have 3-month free licenses from Glodon. Considering the request is in great demand, we are releasing extra opportunities to the free licenses. Get yourself in BIM now and let us brings you the boat. Make an appointment HERE.

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