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With ongoing “Action Leads to Success” Digital Transformation”

With ongoing “Action Leads to Success” Digital Transformation

China Digital Building Annual Summit 2019 has concluded successfully

On June 27-29, the three-day China Digital Building Annual Summit 2019 was held in Qingdao, Shandong Province. As the 10th Annual Summit of the Construction Industry, this year's Summit focused on digital transformation practice, hoping to become an action conference of the digital transformation in the construction industry and a key node for industrial upgrading and transformation from quantitative to qualitative change. The event attracted more than 2,000 guests from more than 30 countries and regions, covering all participants from "Government, Industry, Education, Research, and Application" sectors, gathered together to launch the first year "Action Leads to Success" Digital Transformation in Construction Industry. 


The Summit was co-organized by China Construction News, Qingdao West Coast New Area Administration Committee, Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce and Glodon Company Limited.

In addition to the Main Forum, there were thematic salons, five thematic forums and three project visits. A total of more than 100 enterprises carried out the thematic sharing sessions on the industry knowledge sharing and best practices in digital transformation ; more than 120 excellent digital transformation cases which participated in the digital building ecology exhibition; guests for "One Belt and Road" international development cooperation from more than 30 countries attended this forum; more than 1,500 enterprises from upstream to downstream of the industry chain gathered together. The summit guided by the ideas of consultation, contribution, creation and shared benefits, and generated discussions surrounding the industry’s digital transformation from different perspectives. Contributing to the whole construction eco-system on the latest insights into how innovation and adoption of technologies, tools and processes to power change and revolutionize the future of the built environment. 


Release of the digital platform to open the BIM 3.0 era

Glodon Company Limited, the domestic leader in digital building, released the "Digital Project Management Platform" which provides one-stop solution for the digital transformation in the building industry. This platform could be summarized as "114 N", which is one concept, one platform, four major technologies and N applications. It comprehensively applied digital technologies includes BIM and “Cloud computing, big data, internet of things, mobile internet, and artificial intelligence”, to achieve real-time interconnection over the key elements of the construction site as “4M1E (Man, Machine, Material, Method and Environment)” and eventually achieve smart management of the construction projects, thus drive the digital transformation and improve the project performance. 




Mr Yuan Zhenggang, President of Glodon Company Limited, addressed "The implementation of the digital project management platform can resolve the difficulty of combining technology and project management. It is a new construction work mode to improve the collaboration between various project stakeholders, and will effectively meet the new needs of construction enterprises for project management in the digital age. The digital project management platform will be able to better enable smart construction and facilitate the blueprint concept of the advanced development of ‘Chinese Construction’”.



At the summit, Glodon officially released the Digital Building: White Paper on Digital Transition of Construction Industry, offering the latest insights, comprehensive thinking and abundant cases to all participants in the industry. At the same time, "Report on the Informatization Development of China Construction Industry: Application and Development of Assembled Building Informatization" was also debuted for the first time. As the extension of “Report on the Informatization Development of China Construction Industry" series, it showed the development of assembled buildings, and carried out the in-depth discussion on the topic of technical requirements, production effectiveness and existing issues of information application as well as smart solutions and industry future trends.



In the afternoon of June 28, five thematic forums on the segments of the construction industry were held simultaneously, the "Digital Construction, Building Future - Digital Construction Thematic Forum",  "Technology Builds New Digital Consulting - Digital Consulting Thematic Forum",  "Building Digital Silk Road, and Sharing Economic Development - Digital Silk Road International Thematic Forum", "New Ecology of Supply and Procurement, Digital Technology Creates Future - Digital Supply and Procurement Thematic Forum”, and "Digital Decoration, Facilitates the Application of Industrial BIM - Digital Decoration Thematic Forum". The discussions have been emphasized on the topics of best practices for digital construction technology, innovative applications, and implementation strategies in the digital transformation era. At the end of the International Thematic Forum, Glodon signed the MUs for strategic cooperation with Construction Industry Authority of the Philippines (CIAP) and Ministry of Construction of Vietnam - Institute of Construction Economics (MoC-ICE) respectively.


In the morning of June 29, the participants of China Digital Building Annual Summit 2019 paid a meaningful site visit to "Qingdao International Academician Industry Core Zone Pilot Area", "Jinan-Qingdao High-speed Railway Hongdao Station Project" and "Sino-British Business Base". The visit gave a general introduction to the showcase project and the innovative construction process, and more detailed insights have been shared through visits to the project site and construction site.


The 10th China Digital Summit shedding light on the latest information technologies on building and construction environment. It is a long-term strategy which will help organizations to achieve a high level of efficiency required in such evolving construction business environments. Organizations aligned with the accelerating market pace and adopt the right digital technology becomes essential to take advantage of the opportunities.


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